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Listings for those who are looking to rent out film and video equipment.

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Sony LMD 2450W client monitor, $900

(Union & Non-Union)

Sony 24" client monitor. Though it's a few years old, it's not been used a lot, so it's in like-new condition. Bought it originally for $3,000 and now asking $900. Visitors are welcome to come by and have a look at it, if interested. Our offices are in Arlington.

Contact Details: Geoff Birmingham Reflection Films 781.646.3252

Fastec TS3Cine portable high-speed (slow motion) camera package for sale or trade for A7S package, C300, or Red Scarlet

(Union & Non-Union)

Fastec TS3Cine high-speed camera package for sale or trade for A7s package or basic Red Scarlet camera
1x Fastec TS3Cine 256GB HD fully unlocked version high-speed camera body.
24-725fps, Clean feed HDMI output, USB, Ethernet (remote use via ethernet or wifi dongle) 7" Touchscreen built in, 256GB internal SSD (can also use SDHC cards or external USB drives) features are fully unlocked on this camera goes unto 20,000fps.
Shoots: Cinema DNG RAW, JPEG stack, BMP Stack, TIFF stack, TIFF RAW, and more.
3x 4 hour rechargeable batteries
1x AC unit/charger

Contact Details: Mike Sutton Frozen Prosperity 603-320-0473 Website
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Apartment Location Needed in Webster, MA

(Union & Non-Union)

We are seeking an apartment location for a short drama to be shot in Webster, MA. The character who lives there is an architect.
The scenes will take just half a day, and so the location would be needed the afternoon of Monday, July 27th. We are offering a $100 location fee. If interested, please email pics to Thank you.

Contact Details: Dawn Natalia G&G Media Website

Studio Space for Film/Photography (Newton Center, MA)

(Union & Non-Union)

Need a creative space for a few days or a few hours? CRMG's professional studio is available for rent! Right off the D Line in Newton Center.
GREAT for videographers, photographers, and other artists in need of a flexible shooting or rehearsal space. Check it out online at
Main Shooting Space: 25' x 40' x 9'3"
Weekday Rate: $350/day
Weekend and Hourly Rentals available
Includes: Wi-Fi, Computer Access, Divider Curtain, Private Restroom, Lounge Area, Kitchen and Green Room, and more. . .

Contact Details:
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USED: Canon XH-A1 for sale w/ accessories!

Posted in
(Union & Non-Union)

We are selling a Canon XH-A1 with accessories for a great price. Check out the craigslist post here for info and images:
Comes with:
Canon XH-A1 camcorder
Original Canon battery with CA-920 Compact Power Adapter/Charger
2 Anton Bauer 10 hour batter packs with charger and 1 connection to camera
3 60min Canon tapes with hard cases (tapes have been used and are blanked out with bars and tone)
Head cleaner
2 camera remotes (one wireless for playback, one to attach while shooting for record and zoom)
Lite-Panel on camera LED

Contact Details:
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Location needed for 4 day Cinematographers workshop in June -PAID

(Union & Non-Union)

Location Needed for 4 day Cinematographers work shop. Looking for a house, barn or both with electricity, legal on or off street parking and some wooded areas or fields surrounding. A location fee of $100.00 per day will be paid up front. This is a professionally run class by industry cinematographers who have 30+ years in the business. Any and all locations used will be treated with great respect and cared for in a professional manner.

Contact Details: Joey W. Kolbe Rich Marino Boston Cinematography Workshops 617-909-4952 Website

Seeking Extra with 1970s/1980s Car

(Union & Non-Union)

Need an old, "beat up" (aka not mint condition) car in an Emerson College graduate film - in this dark comedy a child must out smart a salesman/con artist.
Car will not be driven, we will need it for a half day, I'm happy to answer questions/send along the script.

Contact Details: Elise Ahrens Emerson College

LOCATION NEEDED $100: Apartment in Acton, MA

(Non-Union Only)

Need a location for our film; an apartment in Acton MA or Concord MA.
Willing to pay $100 to be able to shoot our film in your apartment for 1 day (8 hours).
This is an Emerson College student production therefore funds are limited. We are looking for generous, creative, open-minded folks who wouldn't mind helping out some students and letting us use their apartment for the day. We promise to treat the space professionally and to leave it better than we found it.
For more info or to send photos of your apartment for consideration please email

Contact Details: Savannah Power Emerson College

Indie Dolly for sale

(Union & Non-Union)

Indie Dolly in excellent condition for sale. Includes 12 feet of straight track and 13 feet of curved track. Comes in three portable cases. Easy set up. It is rideable and comes with a seat for the dolly platform. $1000

Contact Details: Ken Willinger 617-823-0506

Seeking Location: Parkview West (Emerson College short film), shooting 20-22 March

(Union & Non-Union)

We're Emerson College students looking for an apartment location in downtown Boston, MA in which to shoot our short film, Parkview West, from Friday 20 March to Sunday 22 March.
Apartment would ideally have a modern luxury feel to it with a living room that has a large/wall-size window and a modern kitchen with a sink.
We'd need full access to the apartment between Friday morning and Sunday evening. Shooting may run into night hours (11pm). Compensation would be offered (to be discussed).
Please contact

Contact Details: Emmy Walrath Emerson College

Free Rent for Movie Theater Operator

(Union & Non-Union)

The Lilac Mall in Rochester, New Hampshire has a vacant 4 screen movie theater that is available to be operated. The theater is available for 6 months rent free. Please reach out if you have any questions about this unique opportunity.
Seating and vending equiptment are in top notch like new condition. Digital system is needed.

Contact Details: Daniel Schwartz The Lilac Mall 973 224 3678 Website


(Union & Non-Union)

Need a place to edit but can't afford the rates of the big post houses? Want to save money, but not at the expense of having a kid on his laptop handling all your important files? Look no further then KWB Media. We have all the gear, software, and backup systems of the big post houses without all the expensive overhead. We know you make more money on your client projects if you can save on post ... let us help you! We have three Mac Pro edit suites featuring the ADOBE package of editing and graphics tools.

Contact Details: Raymond Wolters KWB MEDIA LLC 860-670-3454 Website
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Affordably Rent RED Cameras + Professional Filmmaking Equipment in New England

(Union & Non-Union)

The world of digital cinema is a constantly shifting landscape, why buy when you can rent the latest in filmmaking technology at a fraction of the price. Red Fox Rentals makes it easy by offering pre-packaged deals and custom kits that not only perfectly fit your production, but more importantly, your wallet.
Scarlet Mysterium-X (PL/Canon/Nikon Mounts)
Red Pro Zoom 17-50mm f/2.8
O'connor 1030HD With 35L Sticks + Spreader
Wooden Handheld Rig
Red Touch 5.0 Monitor
Marshall 7inch Monitor Kit
Orange Tangerine Mattebox
(3x) Switronix V-Lock Batteries
4 Bank Switronix Charger

Contact Details: Max Collins Red Fox Rentals 7815705012 Website
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(Union & Non-Union)

We are looking for a location in the greater Massachusetts area to shoot a short film for a school project. The story calls for an old Victorian style house, but any decent sized older looking house will do. The main features we are looking for are a porch and for it to be in a relatively secluded area (not near traffic).
Production Name: The House on Hayfield Street.
Shoot Dates: 20th to 22nd of March 2015

Contact Details: Mo Hussain Emerson College
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Spooky - Short Film

(Union & Non-Union)

"Spooky" is a short horror film about a guy who hooks up with an online date, only to discover she's dead... Or is she? Minimal locations, 1 male lead, 2 female.

Contact Details: Tony Jerris Website

Looking for a Studio

(Union & Non-Union)

I'm looking for a small open space that I could use as a studio. I'm also looking for a fellow artist to possibly share the space and costs with. If anyone knows of an affordable space around the Manchester/Concord/Nashua NH area, please let me know.

Contact Details: Henrique Website

Sony 4K Projector for sale

Posted in
(Union & Non-Union)

Sony SRXR-105 XSRD projector (vintage 2007), 4K native resolution. Medium venue projector, 5000 lumens with both lamps lit, has a LKRLZ120b lens (1.9-2.3 x zoom ratio of distance to screen width); Two input interfaces are one LKRI001 Analog component/RGB input board (incl VGA), one LKRI003 Single/Dual-link HDsdi 4:2:2/4:4:4 input board, 2 additional unpopulated input slots (supports 2K as is, need 4 identical input boards for 4K); Spare LKRX-B105 lamphouse; 8" exhaust duct adaptor; IR remote; PC WindowsXP network setup/control software.

Contact Details: Allen Smith Soundtrack Boston 617.303.7500

SPACE FOR RENT! Film Office/Editing Suites/General Offices

(Union & Non-Union)

Shared rental space available in the Salvi Creative Center at 162 Columbus Ave. in the Back Bay. The front half of the 2nd floor is available. The space includes 3 suites/offices and a shared conference room, kitchen with cafe, 2 restrooms, and common area with pool table.

Contact Details: Amy Blankenship The Soundtrack Group-Finish Post Production 617-303-7500 Website
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Bail Guy Prose and Convicts

(Union & Non-Union)

A witty and informative book that can be adapted into a one hour television series or a feature film.
It features the trials and tribulations of a real bounty hunter on various missions.
Some successful, some not, with a birds-eye view into the mind of the hunter and the hunted.

Contact Details: buck biestek Biestek Bail Bonds 8608368713 Website

Bullseye: expect the unexpected

(Union & Non-Union)

A new and exciting reality based traveling game show with a series Bible, Pilot, and Mission Statement ready to go.
There is no other game show like this on television.
Please call or email for further discussion.

Contact Details: buck biestek 8608368713


(Union & Non-Union)


Contact Details: ezequiel roderick
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Kitchen Television Studio For Rent

(Union & Non-Union)

We are a full service studio just 10 minutes from downtown Boston in Newton, Massachusetts. It features the only fully functional kitchen set in Boston available to rent by the day. Rent it with equipment or without equipment. The set includes everything needed to produce a cooking show or webispode. Our Final Cut edit suite is a also available to rent with or without an editor. The studio space is also ideal for interviews and green screen shoots. Shoot your show, compile a rough cut, and walk out with your own hard drive of HD footage all in one day.

Contact Details: Jim Cosco Tippingpoint Labs 617-332-8261 Website

Locations Wanted

(Union & Non-Union)

Feature film entitled "Pinsky" looking for locations.
1. comedy club or a small venue that can play as a comedy club
2. AA meet up. a church basement or other venue where an AA meeting may occur.

Contact Details: Walter Stone Website

Apple Mac Pro 2.8 Ghz quad-core xeon 64 bit workstation for sale by owner $1195

(Union & Non-Union)

MacPro model 5.1 64-bit workstation released mid 2010, purchased in Dec. 2010 $1195
12 GB 1066 Mhz DDR3 RAM (expandable to 64 GB)
Nvidia GeForce GTX 680 graphics card w/2048 MB VRAM. Installed a year ago. Has two dual-link DVI ports, DisplayPort and HDMI. Expand your desktop up to 4 monitors, maximum resolution 4096x2160.

Contact Details: Richard Fomo Richard Fomo Productions
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All New PhotoStudio w/ Infinity Backdrop for Rent - As low as $235/Day! -BOSTON-

(Union & Non-Union)

LCCreative is a newly created studio located in Boston. It is a studio with a 19 feet Infinity Backdrop for your shoots and has a professional location and atmosphere for your clients. We facilitate you through your entire creative process. We're having a January Pre-launch Special that is perfect if you know that you will have a shoot in the future, but not sure when, and want to secure an affordable studio location!
We have two packages that might fit you: the 1 Day Special and the 3 Day Special.

Contact Details: Calvin Chong LCCreative 80098508983 Website
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Looking for Restaurant/Pub/Cafe to Film In

(Non-Union Only)

Looking for a pub/cafe indie-type feel restaurant to use for a short film. Shooting will take place over 1 day, the weekend of February 7th. Crew is experienced and respectful of property. Filmmaker is a Harvard graduate and local filmmaker.
Please contact if you have a location available.

Contact Details: Rebecca

Home Property Location needed for film

(Union & Non-Union)

Hello, our film company is looking to rent a property in CT to lens a few scenes for an action film. A house/property in a rural neighborhood would be ideal but not necessary. We plan to film a couple scenes indoors and a couple outside on a front driveway. If you can rent your home and property to us for a couple days worth of filming - during the daytime, please contact us.
Thank you!

Contact Details:

Location Needed

(Non-Union Only)

Scene Around Film Company is looking for a location that is, or looks like it is, used as a public bathroom. The shoot takes place in the ladies room at a school reunion so it should look it is in a school, hotel or function hall. Only 2 actors but obviously, need to fit crew and equipment although it doesn't have to be huge. Our budget is $100/per day. Please contact Stasia at Thx

Contact Details: Stasia O'Brien Scene Around Film Company 617-750-4078 Website

Home living room and entrance needed for filming - $250

(Union & Non-Union)

House needed for a short afternoon shoot for a short film in early January.
Please include interior pictures that offer a feel of the house and living area.
We will need to film on Saturday, January 3rd for a few hours after dark. You may be present during the shoot if you wish, we just ask that no pets or children are around to interrupt our work.
**Please contact with any questions, there will not be 100s of people on set. There will not be more than 6 crewmembers and 6 actors**

Contact Details:

CANON C100 with AF for sale

(Union & Non-Union)

Selling my Canon C100 camcorder with dual pixel Auto Focus. Excellent condition. It comes with 1 stock battery, 2 extra batteries and chargers, original box and other accessories. Asking $4500 for the body only and will consider reasonable offers.
The following Canon L-glass lenses are also for sale:
Canon 17-40mm zoom lens $ 550
Canon 24-105mm zoom lens $ 650
Canon 70-200mm zoom lens (Series 1) $ 1450
Also available:
Canon Speedlite Transmitter ST-E2 $ 240
JuicedLink Riggy-Micro Model RM202 $ 200

Contact Details: Susanne 561-289-6039
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