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Posts on scripts for sale or option.

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Screenplays Wanted - Feature Length - Low Budget - $300K and under

(Union & Non-Union)

Chelsea Squared Productions is looking for genre specific projects (horror, ghost, thriller, scifi, indie drama) - with a small cast, limited locations and a focus on story and character. Primarily interested in stories based in New England, with diverse characters and very interested in finding projects written by female writers and/or featuring women in prominent roles. We will be optioning three select scripts and will include a step deal should the project be produced. Please email a log line and one paragraph synopsis to

Contact Details: Chelsea Squared Productions


(Union & Non-Union)

Logline: When the Devil unleashes his daughter and her demons on New Orleans, it takes a photographer, old voodoo woman, and a bishop to save the day.
Sci-Fi - set in New Orleans - lots of special effects - large number of extras.

Contact Details: Louella M Reynolds 717-571-5936 Website

Mr. Frank's Sunset

(Union & Non-Union)

Logline: When a WWII 1st Calvary Veteran is faced with being put out to pasture, he and his steed decide which sunset will be his last.
5-page drama short - 2 characters and one horse - 1 location.

Contact Details: Louella M Reynolds 717-571-5936 Website

Short Film Script Wanted

(Non-Union Only)

Hey everyone,

Contact Details: Nicolas Thilo-McGovern
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The Square Root of Evil

(Union & Non-Union)

In the horror/thriller “The Square Root of Evil,” a bloody serial killer
must be stopped before an apocalyptic prophecy is fulfilled, and the
ultimate evil unleashed.
Something foul, ancient, and evil has come to a large metropolitan
city, beginning its reign in the suburbs with the horrific slaughter of an
innocent, pregnant housewife. Kathy Connor, a slick, work-obsessed
homicide detective, is assigned to investigate.
Within days, another grotesque murder occurs. Kathy and her
partner, Brock Lets, are quickly convinced they are dealing with a

Contact Details: Randy Simmons 1.604-773.3014 Website
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"Strangers In The Night"

(Union & Non-Union)

“Strangers In The Night” is a 103-page suspense/thriller with a female lead (25 to 35). It is an adrenaline rush of masterful manipulation, shocking twists and a stunning and unexpected conclusion. The story has a small cast and involves minimal locations.

Contact Details: Wayne
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"Caution: Detour"

(Union & Non-Union)

“Caution: Detour” is a 106 page, fast paced romantic/dramedy full of suspense, wit, surprising twists and charming characters. It has minimal characters and the majority of it takes place in two rural locations, making for an ideal low-budget project.
Syd and Nancy, who have lived together for the last six years, each has a secret that they are dying to share with one another. An unexpected turn of events puts this on hold and everything that they treasure in jeopardy. With only one long shot solution available to them, they set out on a most bizarre and inauspicious journey.

Contact Details: Wayne

Seeking Microbudget Feature Scripts.

(Union & Non-Union)

Boston based filmmaker seeking Microbudget Feature Length Script.
Looking for material that is 2-3 characters, 1 or 2 locations, no expensive set pieces, etc.
Plays and short stories welcome.
Please e-mail with line "Microbudget" in title.

Contact Details: Ted Feature Film. Website

Short Screenplays Wanted - 2015 BlueCat Screenplay Competition

(Union & Non-Union)

SHORT SCRIPTS WANTED - 2015 BlueCat Screenplay Competition
The BlueCat Screenplay Competition awards the world’s largest cash prize for best short screenplay: $10,000, with three finalists each receiving a cash prize of $1,500.
In keeping with our longstanding tradition, every screenplay will receive one written analysis. All submissions entered by September 1st will receive their written analysis by October 1st.

Contact Details: Claudia Summerfield BlueCat Screenplay Competition Website
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(Union & Non-Union)

A killer on the run holds a group of celebrities hostage in an after-hours club, each of whom has a secret that’s about to destroy their lives.

Contact Details: Carole Parker 310/560-5861


(Union & Non-Union)

HUGGS is a feature screenplay made up of ten smaller stories/vignettes each featuring men either giving or receiving a hug. The script contains ten separate stories, with new locations and characters for each. The stories, while independent of each other, are related in that they all take place on Thanksgiving day, in the same town, and all involve men hugging. There are many characters, but most are smaller parts so the script could be filmed in stages and is quite flexible. It is low budget, with no fx, easy locations, no large crowd scenes, etc.

Contact Details: Shelly Stone
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Lucifer: Television Show Pilot

(Union & Non-Union)

Mysterious deaths from the past, heirlooms, a priest with all the dirty secrets and contagious temptations: In the little town of Lucifer, Georgia, 7 teens begin unraveling the devious and mysterious pasts of their deceased parents. A mix of lust, envy, wrath, gluttony, greed, pride and sloth, the teens begin to realize that they're dealing with darker forces than they signed up for.

Contact Details: Kayla Maurais


(Union & Non-Union)

Margot (30), art dealer, finds out she has a sister she never knew she had. There are mysterious circumstances surrounding her being sent away at a very young age, which make it difficult for Margot to remember…
Whales is a drama about a family’s secluded, twisted world. A homage to sisterhood and the impact secrets can have on our lives.

Contact Details: Nora Jaenicke

Cafe of Lost Souls

(Union & Non-Union)

"Cafe of Lost Souls": When Anna's father dies without leaving her the chance to solve their conflicted relationship, the young girl fulfills his last wish by convincing his transvestite lover Lola to sing on stage again.

Contact Details: Nora Jaenicke

2015 BlueCat Movie Title Contest

(Union & Non-Union)

Every year, the BlueCat Screenplay Competition holds a Movie Title Contest for all of our early submissions. All entries submitted to BlueCat by AUGUST 1st will be automatically eligible. Our TOP 3 favorite titles will each receive a cash prize of $250!
All scripts submitted by the Movie Title Deadline of August 1st will receive their written analysis by October 1st.
$60 for features and $40 for short screenplays.

Contact Details:
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(Union & Non-Union)

Petar Blagojevich (Serbian form: Petar Blagojević/Петар Благојевић; died 1725) was a Serbian peasant who was believed to have become a vampire after his death and to have killed nine of his fellow villagers. The case was one of the earliest, most sensational and most well documented cases of vampire hysteria.
Dark Drama, Horror, 50 page short. Will be happy to write additional, revisions, etc...
Registered with the WGA.
I am an optioned writer. Please, serious inquires only.

Contact Details: Vance Savage 802-430-8813 Website

2015 BlueCat Screenplay Competition - EARLY DEADLINE ANNOUNCEMENT

(Union & Non-Union)

The Special Early Entry Fee for all scripts received by June 15th is $55 for features and $35 for short screenplays.
All submissions received by June 15th will receive their written analysis by July 1st. The next analysis deadline isn’t until September!
$15,000 Grand Prize
Four Finalists
$2,500 Prize
$10,000 Grand Prize
Three Finalists
$1,500 Prize
Best Feature Screenplay from the UK
$1,500 Prize

Contact Details:
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Script Needed for Short Film

(Union & Non-Union)

Writer needed for Short Film.
Small Fee Paid for 15 pages.
Film Title: The Seven Lives (Working Title)
Synopsis: Seven versions of the same person, desperately travel back in time to warn their younger self of a life altering catastrophic event.
Rehearsals and shooting to begin in late summer. Contingent on the completion of the script.

Contact Details: David Ricci Rebel Cause Films

Frankenstein In Love

(Union & Non-Union)

Science genius nerd Frankie Stein is in love with head cheerleader Shayla Petrie, but she won’t give him the time of day -- so when she gets killed in a hit-and-run accident, he brings her back to life and starts ‘dating’ her. Meanwhile, Frankie’s childhood sweetheart Vita Heck still pines for him, but when she finds out that Shayla’s been resurrected, she decides to try and win him back. RE-ANIMATOR meets THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN by way of SCREAM.

Contact Details: Carole A. Parker The Motion Picture Authority 310/560-5861 Website

Brain Eaters

(Union & Non-Union)

Brain Eaters is a comedy about a guy who fakes his way into a small group of zombie apocalypse believers in order to win the heart of a girl who happens to think zombies are real.

Contact Details: Adam Chandonnet


(Union & Non-Union)

Bullseye is a geographical reality-based traveling game show.
Further information is available.

Contact Details: Buck Biestek Buck Biestek Website

The Missing Link

(Union & Non-Union)

The Missing Link is a feature film partly based on a true story experienced by a veteran bail-bondsman.
Logline: When your in-law becomes your outlaw.
Genre: Action-Thriller
Veteran Bail-bondsman Sonny Royal finds himself chasing down his fugitive brother in-law Chester Kurtz. Sonny, a recovering alcoholic, relapses during the ordeal and now stands to lose his bail money as well as his wife, Penelope.
The action takes us from North Carolina to the turquoise waters of the Caribbean.

Contact Details: Buck Biestek Website
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River Magic

(Union & Non-Union)

River Magic: A magical journey of a young man learning to do the right thing.
Logline: To see or not to see...that is the question.
River Magic is a coming of age fictional tale of Charlie Acres who is forced to battle and overcome his inner flaws with the help of animated forest denizens.
The underlying theme of the movie showcases man's destruction of the environment and Charlie's crusade to protect and preserve nature.
This is a family film and is suitable for all ages.

Contact Details: Buck Biestek Website

Just Presence

(Union & Non-Union)

Just Presence: a dramedy that touches the heart,soul,and mind while focusing on a man's battle with greed.
Logline: Billy Just holds four aces in a poker game of life but he wants a fifth ace. He draws a wildcard Joker.
A feature film that is suitable for all audiences.

Contact Details: Buck Biestek Website

2015 BlueCat Screenplay Competition Call for Entries

(Union & Non-Union)

2015 BlueCat Screenplay Competition
Since 1998, the BlueCat Screenplay Competition has provided a community for the unknown screenwriter to develop their work, giving undiscovered talent a path to professional success.
BlueCat accepts both feature length and short screenplays, and in keeping with our longstanding tradition, every screenplay will receive one written analysis, with our best screenplays receiving over $40,000 in cash prizes.
The final deadline for the competition is November 15th, 2014.
$15,000 Best Feature Screenplay

Contact Details: BlueCat Screenplay Competition
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(Union & Non-Union)

On Halloween night, A Christian family must pay retribution for their past sins when true evil comes to visit.
HORROR/DARK DRAMA - 45 Pages - Low Budget - Minimum Locations.
I am an optioned writer. Please, serious inquiries only.

Contact Details: Vance Savage 802-430-8813 Website

I'm Counting.

(Union & Non-Union)

A 3 minute short, about a mother who use counting to correct her children, and one day it stopped working.

Contact Details: Jimmy Lee smith 601-990-6251

Now It Begins.

(Union & Non-Union)

What if everyone in the world started to get Tweets from The Dead? Mary Williams a news anchor was reporting on this phenomenon taking place all over the world, but she thought it was a hoax until she got a Tweet from her dead mother.
This is a pilot for a purpose series called Tweets from The Dead. A half hour show with different stories each week about what each person Tweets revile to help or hurt them.

Contact Details: Jimmy Lee Smith 601-990-6251

Lost Souls

(Union & Non-Union)

HORROR / MOCUMENTARY - Justin underestimated the power of Satanism – it seemed to work as an easy way to get laid. No one could have imagined it would lead to him going on a murderous rampage, the likes of which were caught on surveillance video and deemed “inadmissible” as evidence in Justin’s trial. Only one man can save Justin from State execution: the man who introduced him to Satanism.

Contact Details: Alex Shelby (818) 633-6583
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(Union & Non-Union)

THRILLER - “SE7EN” meets “8MM”. To date, there is no such thing as a real snuff film, which is to say no one has actually committed a murder on video with the intent of selling it. But a struggling special effects artist finds a way to convince the public his “fake” snuff films are real. Unfortunately, several of his volunteer victims have turned up dead, murdered in the same manner in which he filmed them.

Contact Details: Alex Shelby (818) 633-6583