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Posts on scripts for sale or option.

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Film Scripts Available

(Union & Non-Union)

I have written a film that centers around a main female character "Mary" an American living in London whose family is deeply touched by a terrorist act when her brother is beheaded by ISIS in Baghdad. Mary is a chemotherapy nurse and begins to notice odd things about her new patient that lead to a chilling conclusion. The film is about love, death, hatred, revenge, karma and peace. The film has one main character and one main setting, a hospital or a clinic. It was written to be set in London, UK, but it could be transferred anywhere else.

Contact Details: Claudio Vecchiato email: I am independent.
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The Witch and the Zombies: A Salem Tale (Working Title)

(Union & Non-Union)

This is a short script, about six pages in length, with the working title "The Witch and the Zombies: A Salem Tale." Two teens on a graveyard walking tour raise the dead at the Old Burying Point on Halloween. A witch comes and saves the day.
Very simple, straight forward. If any filmmaker is interested in using this as a showcase, please contact me. I think it's fun, and it might be useful come next Halloween.

Contact Details: Steven

Don't Go There, Girlfriend

(Union & Non-Union)

When Linda—a young, pregnant schoolteacher—accidentally kills the father of her unborn child, she finds a way to keep him around. Horror, black comedy, drama, satire.
1 location, 3 characters, about as low-budget as it gets.
From a produced writer (9 features) and published author (2 novels).
Let me know if you'd like to read the screenplay. Thanks,

Contact Details: Dave Eisenstark Website

Escape from the Friend Zone

(Union & Non-Union)

A young man finds himself banished to the Friend Zone and vows to escape, but he must defeat the Infamous Bad Boy to re-enter the Land of Potential Boyfriends.

Contact Details:
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faith based wilderness adventure film seeks Co-production / backing

(Union & Non-Union)

We are looking for co-production and funding with this project called, "A Journey Too Far." We aren't selling the script but rather want to help co-produce. We currently have two films in post-production, both of which were done on sponsorship, donations, etc. This film cannot be done this way. It will require a budget of about 1 million for six weeks principle photography in Montana wilderness. The film is mix between faith base and adventure film and similar to the film, "The Edge" with Anthony Hopkins.

Contact Details: David Ford David
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The Five Stages (of Grief)

(Union & Non-Union)

A short film script 20-30 minutes, 1 location, 2 actors, 2 voice overs.
Logline: A vengeful veterinarian in the throes of divorce from her wealthy husband matches wits with her husband’s lawyer during a settlement negotiation that goes horribly wrong.
This work follows a woman going through a divorce through the five stages of grief ending with her final acceptance of the situation but with a highly unexpected twist in exactly how she accepts the result of her settlement with her estranged husband.

Contact Details: Tony Blackmon. At

Revenge Impossible

(Union & Non-Union)

A rebellious juvenile delinquent forms a one man army with nature's creatures to avenge his diplomat parents' gruesome murder at the hands of corrupt assassins, one of whom is a head of state with impregnable security.

Contact Details: Nathan Iyer None 91 98800 78055 Website

"What's Happening in Salem?"

(Union & Non-Union)

This is a short screenplay that aims to take advantage of Salem, its Haunted Happenings festival, and the market for Halloween content.
Something is happening in Salem on Halloween night, but no one knows what it is. Fear is high as news reports and YouTube videos of police, state troopers, and the National Guard rushing to seal off the Witch City is broadcast.
The story is told through the point of view of videos, TV news, and teens/college students holed up in a house reading/watching Tweets, Facebook messages, Vine shorts, and YouTube clips. What's real...what isn't.

Contact Details: Steven
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Director Needed- The Lameboy and The Fairy

(Union & Non-Union)

Looking for eager newcomer looking to direct to help me make my first narrative short film. Pre-production for the project has already begun.
The Lameboy and the Fairy is a character-driven short drama about a parentified child who abandons abusive mother to become his own person.
Intended shooting dates: Early November. It is a 3 day schedule with the longest day 7 hours. This will occur over a long weekend, depending on the schedules of the actors and crew. I'm flexible.
Primary locations are:
1. Field & Woods- Derby, CT 06418
2. Apartment: Seymour, CT 06483

Contact Details: Christopher Frey 203-584-4977
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Where In The World Is Matthew Redstone?

(Union & Non-Union)

Inspirational drama about a father who overcomes memory loss, homelessness and despair when his Journalist son who was only ten years old when he mysteriously disappeared, accidentally finds him living in a homeless shelter in another state after frantically searching twenty years for him.

Contact Details: Johnny Mann 212 234 0895

Dooda and Rayford, The Alabaster Boys!

(Union & Non-Union)

Hot Damn! Its time to hit it and git it when two bumbling brothers from the deep Alabaster, Alabama backwoods cause comedic chaos when they win a sightseeing weekend in New York City and become entangled in a police investigation involving two notorious jewel thieves and three desperate Detectives trying to apprehend them.

Contact Details: Johnny Mann 212 234 0895

Not On My Beat !

(Union & Non-Union)

As he struggles to discover who framed two young men for murder, a retired police sergeant unwittingly puts his wife in mortal danger when the real murderers turn out to be dirty cops whom he trained at the Police Academy and a corrupt criminal judge who will DO ANYTHING to keep their profitable, but illegal enterprise a secret.

Contact Details: Johnny R. Mann 212 234 0895

Call for Action, Thriller, Heist Screenplays

(Union & Non-Union)

We are currently exploring screenplays in the Genre Action,Thriller,Crime,Heist,etc. We are looking for intelligent and creative "Cop Themed" scripts along the lines of "End of Watch, Training Day, The Town,Brooklyn's Finest" Please submit Log-lines & synopsis to
Thanks in advance.

Contact Details: Cindy William


(Union & Non-Union)

We are currently exploring screenplays in the Genre of Family Comedy. We are looking for intelligent, well-written, concept driven scripts along the lines of "Mr. Woodcock, Meet the Parents, Guess Who" Writers with credits, awards, well-placed in contests is a definite plus but not mandatory. Please send us a synopsis/log-line at
Thanks in advance

Contact Details: PAUL CLARK


(Union & Non-Union)

A short about a sister and her older brother spending a weekend alone while their parents are away. When the brother's girlfriend comes over it causes a strange sense of jealousy for the sister and reveals true feelings and hidden secrets.

Contact Details: Kayla Maurais

Taxi Cab

(Union & Non-Union)

A short film that takes place on the morning of 9/11. A business man on his way to work gets into a mysterious taxi cab only to be delayed from getting to his destination by the strange and quirky taxi driver.

Contact Details: Kayla Maurais


(Union & Non-Union)

Set in the 1920s, three teens head out to an abandoned theme park at night to get rid of a body from their recent past. It’s a short script filled with tension, eerie rain, a love traingle and a twist at the end.

Contact Details: Kayla Maurais

Screenwriters wanted for Project Screenplay (a live, interactive game show at the 2014 Williamstown Film Festival)

(Union & Non-Union)

Whether you’re an aspiring screenwriter or a fan of movies in general, come participate in PROJECT SCREENPLAY, a live interactive game show about the art of the pitch and the importance of hooking readers with the first 10 pages of a spec script. Audience members at the 2014 Williamstown Film Festival decide the fate of 16 screenwriters, voting for their favorite story ideas (and even helping to act out the scenes) while professional mentors offer advice and tips for bringing cinematic visions to life in a highly competitive industry. Visit for more details!

Contact Details: Andrew Osborne Website
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The Webster Culling A short.

(Union & Non-Union)

The Webster Culling a short screenplay based on a Christopher Bloodworth story, it is 10pgs. and 2int.

Contact Details: Jimmy Smith

Diamond City

(Union & Non-Union)

A fictional Arizona town, thirty miles east of Phoenix, is owned, run and terrorized by a ruthless Kingpin and his hordes of thugs where the wife of a Tae-kwon-do instructor is being held against her will and forced to fight in underground cage matches with other female fighters, and her husband, his assistant and some former US Army soldiers must get her out.

Contact Details: Delvonnie Stephens 513-739-5961

The Painter and The Poet

(Union & Non-Union)

Looking for an independent production company or director willing to take a chance with a unique screenplay. It is a character driven film that can be produced on a very low budget. If interested, please contact the writer for details. Richard 908-798-1686.

Contact Details: Richard Slayton 908-798-1686

Character Driven Feature Script wanted

(Union & Non-Union)

Independent Production company seeks character driven feature script to be produced for under $200k. Prefer stories with 1 or 2 locations to allow a tight filming schedule. Think Steven King's "Misery" This will be a union and non-union production to be shot in and around Boston. Submissions will be ongoing. Looking for truly great stories. Please send log line and synopsis.

Contact Details: Alec Ward


(Union & Non-Union)

On Halloween night, a Christian family must pay retribution for their past sins when true evil comes to visit.
Dark Drama/Horror - 92 pages. Registered with the WGA.

Contact Details: Vance Savage 802.430.8813 Website

The Best Laid Plans

(Union & Non-Union)

Feature length, dark comedy.
A desperate psychiatrist with a gambling debt recruits a team of his zany patients to help him pull off a jewelry store heist. Everything goes according to plan, until his unstable and greedy crew begins to turn on each other.
Contact via email for a copy of the script.

Contact Details: Nathan Illsley 5082694607

Reality Script Writer

(Non-Union Only)

Looking for a screenwriter who can turn a treatment into a script. Please email me a sample of your work.

Contact Details: Evelyn Brito Keep It Simple Productions

AN ANGEL - short horror screenplay

(Union & Non-Union)

A homeless man converses with a frightening fallen angel in an abandoned church.
Two actors, one location; requires some creature effects.
Screenplay is 10 pages
Contact via email is preferred

Contact Details: Chris Hallock Fed Up Productions 617-869-3690


(Union & Non-Union)

A visually stunning story that follows a man who cannot forgive the past and will use the man he blames for his physical and psychological scars as the bait to catch a psychotic machete killer. FORGIVE NOT raises the bar on suspense and sets a new bench mark for raw action with the best foot chase scenes ever written.

Contact Details: Paul Owens +61 08 82776119


(Union & Non-Union)

A hit man becomes involved with a brother and sister whose caring mother holds a dark secret from her days as a Sudanese refugee in Darfur. A secret that could tear her family apart and expose a respected community leader as a war criminal wanted for genocide by the International Criminal Court. Every city has wastelands. Every city has wasteland refugees. And every wasteland has predators.

Contact Details: Paul Owens norvickraft +61 08 8277 6119

Lying at the Edge of the World

(Non-Union Only)

Forty minute, Three Act, Short Film Screenplay
Two main actors
Copyrighted by: Theron Montgomery, 2014
Logline: Contemporary. A mentally borderline and aging patient escapes from a nursing home in pursuit of the idea of “home,” thoughts and memories, only to confront, through random encounters, the world outside of himself, and essentially an existentialistic conclusion. Forty minutes Max.

Contact Details: Theron Montomery 3345661652


(Union & Non-Union)

A teenager suffering from domestic abuse seeks sanctuary with a suicidal criminal and helps him with his robberies.
I can supply a one page synopsis and a copy of the script on request.

Contact Details: