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Local Film Tweets


Jacob Stains

Posted in
8 Giddings Ave
Beverly, MA
Alt. Phone: (978) 578-1859

The Color of Film Collaborative, Inc.

P.O. Box 191901
Roxbury, MA
Phone: (617) 445-6051

Jeffrey De Biase

Posted in
8 Covington St.
South Boston, MA
Phone: (617) 726-3364
Alt. Phone: (617) 306-4115

Acme Clown Company

14 Imperial Place #303
Providence, RI
Phone: (401) 351-2596


Posted in
P.O. BOX 79432
Phone: (508) 725-1819

Seanq Doherty

Posted in
144 Brown St.
Waltham, MA
Phone: (781) 894-3013
Alt. Phone: (781) 209-0274


44 Mall Rod, G-19
Burlington, MA
Phone: (781) 270-5566
Alt. Phone: (888) 404-1771

Susan Krause-Konevich

16 Rakeville Circle
Bellingham, MA
Alt. Phone: (617) 894-4177

M. J. J. Cashman

Posted in
78 Hayes Ave
Lowell, MA

Paul Cebollero

Posted in
58 Brookline St
Townsend, MA

Brian White

Posted in
68 Beaver Dam Rd.
Scituate, MA

Will Charron

Posted in
81 Maple Parkway
Lunenburg, MA
Phone: (508) 286-4655
Alt. Phone: (508) 286-4655


Posted in
601 Preble Street
Cape Elizabeth, ME
Phone: (207) 939-6668

Christopher M. Bettencourt

Posted in
4 Seneca St.

Dan Hannon

Manchester, NH
Phone: (888) 644-8993

Walt Hicks

Posted in
109 Arlington
Medford, MA

Mark Linn, Inc.

15B North Street
Milford, NH
Phone: (603) 673-8143
Alt. Phone: (603) 673-8143

Gregory Athans

Posted in
Berwick, ME

Satellite Doctor

Posted in
24 Russell Street
Worcester, MA
Phone: (508) 792-6251

Chris Burke

Posted in
140 Savin Hill Ave.
Dorchester, MA
Phone: (617) 775-7310

John Belche

200 Lynch Av
Somerset, MA
Phone: (508) 679-6300

Steel Toe Productions

19 Chipman Hts.
Middlebury, VT
Alt. Phone: (413) 743-7976

Caleb Havalotti

Posted in
po box 579
north falmouth, MA
Phone: (508) 564-7850

Scott Hartzel

Posted in
7 Temi Rd
Chelmsford, MA
Phone: (978) 947-4392
Alt. Phone: (978) 455-2896

Steve Smith

Posted in
5 French street
Bristol, CT
Alt. Phone: (860) 585-6187

Randall Smith

Posted in
5 French street
Bristol, CT
Alt. Phone: (860) 585-6187

Michael Maggio

Posted in
10 Senesa St.
Coventry, RI

Randy Marquis

Worcester, MA

Gregory Dutilly Dutilly

Posted in
Bristol, RI
Alt. Phone: (941) 284-4409

John Shanahan

Posted in
8 Pine St.
Norton, MA
Alt. Phone: (508) 285-3161