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Tracy Prince

Posted in
Coventry, RI
Phone: (781) 223-4861

Aditi Makeup for Film

Hatch Rd
North Eastham, MA

Katrina Hess Makeup Studio

105 Newbury Street 3rd floor
Boston, MA
Phone: (781) 710-6865

Audie Metcalf

Posted in

Voraotsady Creative Talent

120 Mourning Dove Dr. S.
Fayetteville, GA
Phone: (678) 362-7931

Kelly Nagle Makeup

St Pete, FL
Phone: (727) 896-6502
http://musecube Kelly Nagle Makeup

Amanda Jacobellis Makeup/Hair/Body Paint

Posted in
5742 Vineland Ave. #2
North Hollywood,, CA
Phone: (310) 497-8385

Transformations: Makeup & Photography by Sarah

Posted in
Houston, TX

Ruby Ray's

65 Weeks Mills Rd
South China, ME
Alt. Phone: (207) 445-3851

Posted in
5 Molly Road
West Yarmouth, MA
Phone: (508) 790-7235
Alt. Phone: (508) 790-7235

PO Box 301
Bensenville, IL

Angela Bridges

Posted in
P.O. Box 284
York Beach, ME

bridget mackin

Posted in
178 lippitt ave
cranston, RI

Candice Jackson

Posted in
14A King Lane
Brewster, NY
Phone: (646) 479-1649

Makeup Artistry by Hawiza Sharpe

Posted in
1648 Sunset Point Court
Chula Vista, CA
Phone: (619) 607-3214

Petra Alexandra, Inc.

Posted in
216 lefferts Ave, Flat 2
Brooklyn, NY
Phone: (718) 469-3633

Britney Rich

New York, NY

Tiffany Young

Posted in
21 Terrace Hall Avenue
Burlington, MA
Phone: (781) 771-8481


Posted in
224 west 30th street
New York, NY
Phone: (212) 643-3192

Emma Abdul

Posted in

Hollywood Ultra

Posted in
114 Henry Law Avenue
Dover, NH

Kathleen Faherty

Posted in
The Reserve at Marina Bay
7 Seaport Drive, Unit #414
North Quincy, MA

Team, the Agency, Inc.

423 West Broadway
Boston, MA
Phone: (617) 268-3600

Barbara Aihini

Posted in
P.O. Box 211
Rockaway, NJ
Phone: (973) 586-2997

Linda Lane

Posted in
Norton, MA
Alt. Phone: (508) 285-6077

B Cohen

Posted in

Naomi's Studio & Salon

Posted in
625b New Park Avenue
West Hartford, CT
Phone: 860-232-8900

Bludwerks SPFX makeup creations

New Britain, CT
Phone: (860) 538-7323
Alt. Phone: (860) 276-9544

Euforia by Barbara

Posted in
P.O. Box 211
Rockaway, NJ
Phone: (973) 586-2997

Makeup by Ann Marie

Posted in
PO Box 301
Bensenville, IL
Phone: (630) 400-3626