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E Stewart

PO Box 6304
Columbus, OH

Tracy Prince

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Coventry, RI
Phone: (781) 223-4861

Katrina Hess Makeup Studio

105 Newbury Street 3rd floor
Boston, MA
Phone: (781) 710-6865

Audie Metcalf

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Voraotsady Creative Talent

120 Mourning Dove Dr. S.
Fayetteville, GA
Phone: (678) 362-7931

Kelly Nagle Makeup

St Pete, FL
Phone: (727) 896-6502
http://musecube Kelly Nagle Makeup

Amanda Jacobellis Makeup/Hair/Body Paint

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5742 Vineland Ave. #2
North Hollywood,, CA
Phone: (310) 497-8385

Transformations: Makeup & Photography by Sarah

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Houston, TX

Ruby Ray's

65 Weeks Mills Rd
South China, ME
Alt. Phone: (207) 445-3851

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5 Molly Road
West Yarmouth, MA
Phone: (508) 790-7235
Alt. Phone: (508) 790-7235

PO Box 301
Bensenville, IL

bridget mackin

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178 lippitt ave
cranston, RI

Candice Jackson

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14A King Lane
Brewster, NY
Phone: (646) 479-1649

Makeup Artistry by Hawiza Sharpe

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1648 Sunset Point Court
Chula Vista, CA
Phone: (619) 607-3214

Angela Bridges

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P.O. Box 284
York Beach, ME

Petra Alexandra, Inc.

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216 lefferts Ave, Flat 2
Brooklyn, NY
Phone: (718) 469-3633

Britney Rich

New York, NY

Tiffany Young

Posted in
21 Terrace Hall Avenue
Burlington, MA
Phone: (781) 771-8481


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224 west 30th street
New York, NY
Phone: (212) 643-3192

Emma Abdul

Posted in

Kathleen Faherty

Posted in
The Reserve at Marina Bay
7 Seaport Drive, Unit #414
North Quincy, MA

Team, the Agency, Inc.

423 West Broadway
Boston, MA
Phone: (617) 268-3600

Hollywood Ultra

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114 Henry Law Avenue
Dover, NH

Linda Lane

Posted in
Norton, MA
Alt. Phone: (508) 285-6077

B Cohen

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Barbara Aihini

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P.O. Box 211
Rockaway, NJ
Phone: (973) 586-2997

Naomi's Studio & Salon

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625b New Park Avenue
West Hartford, CT
Phone: 860-232-8900

Bludwerks SPFX makeup creations

New Britain, CT
Phone: (860) 538-7323
Alt. Phone: (860) 276-9544

Euforia by Barbara

Posted in
P.O. Box 211
Rockaway, NJ
Phone: (973) 586-2997

Rachael Donnelly

Posted in
Boston, MA