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Local Film Tweets

2013 Online New England Film Festival

The 5th Annual Online New England Film Festival screened the following films online from September 1 through October 15, 2013. Several films are still available to watch online. Also see our 2012 Audience Award and Jury Award winners or watch our Video Filmmaker Chats on Making Short Films.


Exit 7A

(William Peters)
Somewhat North of Boston Film Festival
A young man must decide what to do next when his hitchhiking passenger says she's going to kill someone who lives off of exit 7A.


(Derek Dubois)
Rhode Island International Film Festival
Fallout is a film about two brothers hiding for their lives in an old family fallout shelter.

Get a Life

(Liam O'Connor-Genereaux)
Green Mountain Film Festival
Created as part of the Green Mountain 48-hour Film Slam 2013, this film is a dark, slightly surreal twist on the traditional 'genie-granting-wishes' tale.
*still available to watch online

Good Taste

(Jake Bann)
Boston International Film Festival, Boston Student Film Festival
A dark comedy about two hungry neighbors who meet for a dinner date, only to discover that they have more in common than they thought.
*still available to watch online


(Andrew Wood)
Boston Student Film Festival
A narrative short film about a lonely comic book artist whose drawings begin to come to life, forcing him to get a grasp on both his wayward creations and the implications of his newfound gift.

Steel Rendezvous

(Tim Joy)
Vermont International Film Festival
A private eye is hired to investigate a cheating husband, and nearly becomes ensnared in a trap.

The Wild

(Alexander Christof Mackowiak)
Green Mountain Film Festival
A heroin addict makes sacrifices to get even with a mob boss, but things turn out much worse and more bizarre than he imagined.
*still available to watch online


Back Around

(Shamus Alley)
KahBang Film Festival
An animated ode to Portland, Maine.


(Steven Subotnick)
Rhode Island International Film Festival

A showdown between two motley characters.
*still available to watch online

The Story of Cholera

(Yoni Goodman)
Vermont International Film Festival

An engaging, educational animation in which a young boy helps a health worker save his father and then guides his village in preventing cholera from spreading.
*still available to watch online

You Are Meow

(Golden Sweet a.k.a Melike Kocak)
WAM! Boston

A little kitten girl receives a barbie doll that she admires and wants to look like her, so she childishly tapes herself up to look like her barbie doll.
*still available to watch online


The Checkup

(William Peters)
Somewhat North of Boston Film Festival
Walter has a headache -- but his doctors are more concerned about his baby genitals...


(Kyp Pilalas)
Somewhat North of Boston Film Festival
Mark tries to figure out if the time he spent with his friend-who-is-a-girl was a date or not.

A Date with Your Family

(Richard Griffin)
Boston International Film Festival
How to have the perfect dinner with your family!


(Aidan Rea Payne)
Woods Hole Film Festival
Two filmmakers discuss the principal understanding of filmmaking and find themselves questioning their own understanding of the subject.
*still available to watch online

Flippy Day

(Michael Panenka)
KahBang Film Festival
Flippy Day, an obscure holiday sacred only to roller skaters, is observed by its unique followers.

Love and Germophobia

(Tyler Spindel)
New Hampshire Film Festival
If your girlfriend had the viral Meningitis, would you still kiss her? For David, the answer is simple: absolutely not. Unfortunately, David's girlfriend doesn't see it this way.


(Mike Robida)
Maine International Film Festival
Chuck is a young man with a delicate condition that requires a structured and reclusive lifestyle. Unfortunately he's also just fallen in love with an impulsive, foul-mouthed thespian named Marla.


Art is a Verb

(Sky Sabin)
Woods Hole Film Festival
Advice from three inspirational artists.


(Eric P. Gulliver)
Camden International Film Festival
Constraints is the story of a former nude model whose portrait is used to explore notions of exploitation vs. empowerment.

Mongolia: Mining Challenges a Civilization

(Edward Nef)
Vermont International Film Festival
Is Mongolia selling its birthright and future to the Chinese market? Greed, graft and corruption are lurking dangers -- and yet, no one can deny that, if properly managed, Mongolia's future has much to gain.
*still available to watch online

Raising Emma

(Jeffrey Lin)
Boston Student Film Festival
Raising Emma examines the life of Emma, an adopted Asian American college student. Her story leads us from her experiences in an orphanage in China to growing up with her American family in Chicago.

Selina Trieff Will Not Stop

(Marnie Crawford Samuelson)
Woods Hole Film Festival
Selina Trieff Will Not Stop is a humorous and touching portrait of a fearless American artist.
*still available to watch online

Something Different: A Working Gristmill

(Erin Murphy)
Maine International Film Festival

Something Different offers a glimpse into a world that many people will never see in their lifetimes -- a working gristmill running on water power.

Trails For Everyone

(Michael Havey)
Somewhat North of Boston Film Festival
From a summit trail with views over three states, to a wetland bog, the Crotched Mountain trails beckon hikers of all abilities.
*still available to watch online


Day by Day

(Patrick Jerome)
Boston International Film Festival
Two boys on a road trip by foot looking for their family after the January 12, 2010 devastating earthquake in Haiti. Every day is a struggle to keep life going.

Demi Pointe

(Talin Avakian)
Boston International Film Festival
A short fictional narrative about a young girl who struggles to speak.

Le Blue Stella

(Peter Ferris Rosati)
Boston Student Film Festival
A short film about the special bond two boys share aboard their handcrafted spaceship.
*still available to watch online

The Perfect Day for a Picnic

(Bob Lucas)
Rhode Island International Film Festival
Howard, a factory worker, returns home each evening to find that his bed-ridden wife is changing.
*still available to watch online

The Save

(Jean-Marc Le Doux)
New Hampshire Film Festival
With his team only up by one, and the crowd roaring in disapproval, the pitcher stares at one empty seat... this was never about a game.


(Norman Lang)
Woods Hole Film Festival
Cambridge, MA. Home to Harvard and MIT. Birthplace of breakthrough technologies. Gates and Microsoft. Zuckerberg and Facebook. Who’s next? What’s next? Enter Becker and Subscription.


Cotton Candy

(Daphna Mero)
WAM! Boston

Laundromat. A woman is sitting and looking at spinning laundry drum while she eats a cotton candy. Her hands become sticky and she becomes dirty, a violent encounter with a stranger resurfaces. Her action of eating in the present merges with the past memory; the Laundromat becomes both an interior and exterior space filled with cotton candy.

A Descending Man

(Geoffrey King)
Boston Student Film Festival

An experimental undergraduate thesis film, A Descending Man is the story of a man in a turbulent relationship who must decide between mutual infidelity and a true chance at love, or misplaced loyalty and unhappiness.