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Cast, Crew and other Jobs & Volunteer Positions

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Here you'll find added film jobs and work in the television industry. For the most part, the jobs listed here include work in the New England area including Boston, Providence, etc.

NOTE: The listings on are posted directly by users without inspection or review by our staff. does not endorse the ads and is not responsible for the accuracy of these listings. For more information, view our Terms of Service.

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Seeking a Cinematographer for THE BATMAN:PSYCHOSIS

(Non-Union Only)

Bad Seed Productions is seeking an experienced cinematographer for our new film loosely based on DC comic's batman.
(The boy... The alley... the gun. The story has been told countless times. Delve into the mind and dreams of the caped crusader as he navigates through his early years taking up the mantel. Watch as he encounters a villain with a very personal vendetta, a strange visitor from his past and a nightmare that has followed Bruce Wayne for as long as he can remember.)
Take a look at our Facebook page for more information...

Contact Details: (Zack Sheehan)
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(Union & Non-Union)

AUDITIONS WILL BE HELD ON SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 7th from 2 - 5PM at Emerson College. Send headshot, resume, reel to book a 10 min audition slot.
PATRICE FIELDS: (late 20’s/30) She’s Lalia’s best friend who works at the bar with her. The two have a great banter between them. Comfortable in her own skin, engaged to her high school sweetheart. Patrice applies tough love to Laila.
BRAD BURRI: (late 20’s/30) Blue collar home grown Bostononian who dates Patrice. Attractive, scruffy, doesn’t try too hard to look good, but seems to always look good.

Contact Details: Website
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Kimball - A BA Capstone Animation (Casting and Crew Calls)

(Union & Non-Union)

After dying prematurely, a would-be service dog, Kimball, reflects on his time spent helping a young girl deal with her mental illness. Looking to hire a team of animators, colorists, background artists, and more: Wednesday, Feb. 4th at 4-8 PM in Piano Row 113 at Emerson College, 150 Boylston St, Boston, MA 02116 and Friday, Feb. 6th at 4-8 PM in Piano Row 232 at Emerson College, 150 Boylston St, Boston, MA 02116. Demo reel, portfolio, or links to work is fine. Please bring us examples of your work in any of those forms as well as a resume if available. CASTING: Sunday Feb.

Contact Details: Christina Catucci Emerson College 978-335-8514 Website
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Readers for Studio

(Union & Non-Union)

Looking for readers to read for actors during auditions.
Please email
Start off unpaid, but will pay.

Contact Details: Adjovi Koene 8605502990

china doll artisan

(Union & Non-Union)

We are looking for a china doll artisan to make a prop for a feature film . If you are a artisan please send links to your online work , if you happen to come across this casting notice and know of any artisan kindly pass this casting notice along as is a rare trade .
Thank you
Vipex Management

Contact Details: Nelson vipex 7745269511 Website

The Actors Audition Studio

(Union & Non-Union)

The Actors Audition Studio is a studio with full professional
equipment and greenroom to tape actors submissions.
The actors Audition Studio will not only be using highly professional equipment,and
greenroom studio, but will also provide readers.
You will also be able to receive feedback during the audition process!
Email for more information & rate inquires.
Jovial & Company

Contact Details: Adjovi Koene Jovial & Company

House mates web series, seeks actor for recurring role.

(Union & Non-Union)

My web sitcom "House Mates" in the Boston area is looking for someone to fill a recurring role on the series
Sam- 25 to 35, investment banker, competent and successfully, but also kind of silly and goofy, though not always on purpose. Must be able to pull off suspenders, and be available on the evening of monday feb 2nd, and able to get to the norwood area.
No pay, but credit will be given, please send a resume, head shot, and a reel of previous work. thank you.

Contact Details: olin House mates


(Non-Union Only)

We are now casting for a short film. This is a period piece, and a lesbian love story. This film will be entered in festivals nation wide.
We are looking for African American males and females, as well as Caucasian females; ages 20-30. The role for the African American woman needs to be able to sing (please include in demo). These are non-paid positions.
Please send demo reels to us for preliminary casting. If you do not have a demo reel, but have links to some of your work online, please send that in lieu of.

Contact Details: Amy G.

Seeking GAFFER

(Non-Union Only)

Seeking a GAFFER for an upcoming short film shoot on February 8th in Boston. Please email if you're interested and available! Director has 4 years filmmaking experience and can offer more information upon request.

Contact Details:

Fitchburg State Casting Call- Child Actor Needed (Rescheduled)

(Union & Non-Union)

1 MALE, AGE 8-10

Contact Details: Jose Negron Fitchburg State University
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Fitchburg State Casting Call- Actor and Actresses Needed Rescheduled Audition

(Union & Non-Union)

1 MALE: Ron 35- 45 can drive a car
1 FEMALE: Ron's wife 35- 45
1 FEMALE: Helen, prostitute 35-45

Contact Details: Jose Negron Fitchburg State University
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Seeking Location for Music Video

(Union & Non-Union)

Seeking Location for a Music Video Shoot on Saturday February 7th. Will be a performance video with the band playing the song so we will have a very loud playback system, meaning the location must be somewhere where 5-6 hours of noise won't be a problem. Music venue would be ideal.
Shoot will just be the one day.
Call or Email me
Tom Ryan

Contact Details: Tom Ryan

Male and Female Actors Needed for a play dedicated to The 100th Anniversary of The Armenian Genocide

(Union & Non-Union)

This is a story about a survivor of The Armenian Genocide. After witnessing the brutal murder of his entire family in 1915, he manages to survive the massacres and escape from Armenia first to the neighboring countries Persia and Georgia eventually making his way up to Europe. The events depicted in this play take place in 1921 Berlin Courtroom where our protagonist is accused of murder.

Contact Details: Ara Woland
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Crew Call, The Thirty Nine Days(NYC area)

(Union & Non-Union)

“The Thirty-nine Days,” the story of Celina, a potentially genius pianist who prepares for a top piano competition. However, her teacher always insults her and makes fun of her performance. Her father thinks being a professional pianist is unpromising since she won’t earn a lot of money from it. Celina finds an old piece of music written by Chopin for his lover, but it hasn’t been finished. She accidentally unlocks a portal in Chopin’s painting and brings him into our world for thirty-nine days.

Contact Details: Jerry Shang 2016602384

House mates web series seeks editor

(Non-Union Only)

Our web series "house mates" is looking for an editor, to edit together our episodes. Each episode is approximately 10 minutes long. No pay, but credit given. Please email us a resume, and link to some of your previous work.

Contact Details: Olin Meyers ouse mates

Auditions for Most Likely (Concord, NH)

(Non-Union Only)

Auditions for Most Likely are being held on 2/28 from 11am-1pm at Red River Theatres in Concord, NH. The film is a comedy about a group of friends spending a weekend at a house in the country for a wedding. The movie is shooting in Sullivan County in April. It's a low-budget movie, but some compensation is included, as well as a copy of the film. The roles being cast are:
CHLOE (f, 25-35): The bride. A laid-back, big-hearted character, formerly a punk but now a bohemian, prone to oversharing. Loves nude Yoga, hallucinogens and her friends.

Contact Details: Andrew Bemis
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The Weekenders: Actresses wanted

(Union & Non-Union)

In search of actresses for feature film shooting for four weeks March through April.
The Weekenders is a feature indie comedy. The story centers on Eddy and Ryan, two young men who rent a lakeside cabin in Maine in an effort to escape reality, even for a weekend. When they meet Ali and Lacy, the free-spirited girls next door, all bets are off. This weekend teaches Eddy and Ryan the limits of propriety, sobriety and the resiliency of the human heart.
These are the roles needed:

Contact Details: Jason Spencer, Richard Drenkhahn Jr, Meredith Imbimbo Not A Toaster Productions
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The Weekenders

(Union & Non-Union)

In search of actors for feature film shooting for four weeks March through April.
The Weekenders is a feature length indie comedy that takes a cynical view on life and love. The story centers on Eddy and Ryan, two young men who rent a lakeside cabin in Maine in an effort to escape reality, even for a weekend. When they meet Ali and Lacy, the free-spirited girls next door, all bets are off. This weekend teaches Eddy and Ryan the limits of propriety, sobriety and the resiliency of the human heart.
These are the roles needed:

Contact Details: Jason Spencer, Richard Drenkhahn Jr, Meredith Imbimbo Not a Toaster Productions
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Photo Shoot for Book Cover

(Union & Non-Union)

Two actors/models wanted for photo shoot. Male: fit/strong/athletic & blond hair. Female: slim, attractive & brunette. Send headshot for consideration.

Contact Details: Deborah Perro F.R. Perro, Inc. Website

Production Assistant

(Union & Non-Union)

Looking for a very serious minded individual to the fill the role as the production assistant for a TV commercial.
Please submit resume for immediate consideration. Also, interested candidates must include with their submission, a brief summary of why they feel they would be the best person for this PA position.
Role #1 - Production Assistant
Seeking 1 talent(s) for this role
Talent specs:
Gender: Male, Female
Ethnicity: Any
Age: 18 - 60
Role #2 - Wardrobe Supervisor
Seeking 1 talent(s) for this role
Talent specs:
Gender: Male, Female
Ethnicity: Any
Age: 18 - 60

Contact Details:

Still Need males and females for horror series

(Non-Union Only)

We need a few males and females ages 18 - 24 for an episode in our production of Once Upon A Deadtime Story. Shooting will be on 2/1 from noon till 6 please respond with headshot and resume. Thank you

Contact Details:

PeteMeDIA Short Film "Indemnification Claimed"

(Union & Non-Union)

If interested in a role, submit 45-60 sec video audition to the email listed
*In email: Name, Phone #, Head shots, IMDb accnt ID
*In Video: Name, Role, age range & Monologue
Mary: LEAD - Age range 18-25 to play 16 years old, any ethnicity, able to kiss & lay in bed with a man, able to cry on cue.
Lynn: Play age 25 to Mid-30s, any ethnicity, Comfortable kissing & laying in bed with a man, able to cry on cue
Helen: Play age range 25 to Mid-30s, any ethnicity, able to kiss and laying in bed with a man.
Cindy: Play age 16-20 any ethnicity,

Contact Details: Pete PeteMEDIA Production "LIKE" on FB - PeteMEDIA Website
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Looking for actor for short film

(Union & Non-Union)

Ignis Fatuus" is about a woman who is raped by her boyfriend when she tries to break up with him, her confusion about how to deal with it and two men's inability to understand unrequited feelings.
We are looking for an actor, male, mid-to-late 30's. Union/non-union. Very attractive, preferably a muscular build. He is a self-absorbed, well-groomed man who is very conscientious about his physical shape. He is confident and knows what he likes. It is unpaid, but this will be a SAG signatory production under the short film agreement. Award-wining writer and actors attached.

Contact Details: Leeza Faynzilberg Dream A Little Dream Productions Website
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OPEN AUDITIONS for Comedy Film

(Non-Union Only)

Third Life Films is seeking a diverse range of male and female actors for a quirky comedy. The project initially involves a short film, with principal photography that takes place in Connecticut beginning in late February, followed by a feature film several months later.
The majority of roles, which are non-paying, revolve around realistic nerdy personalities, and interesting actors of all backgrounds and body types are encouraged to audition. Several key roles are currently available.

Contact Details: Producer Third Life Films
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Open Casting Call in New Hampshire

(Non-Union Only)

Open casting call in central New Hampshire, January 24th from 9AM-2PM. The Weekenders: Eddy and Ryan rent a lakeside cabin in Maine, hoping for a relaxing weekend and quality bro time. When they meet Ali and Lacy, the free-spirited girls next door, all bets are off.
Ryan (Mid-Late 20's): A sarcastic introvert, jaded by his romantic past and is unwilling to put himself in a vulnerable spot. Eddy is his best friend.
Eddy (Mid-Late 20's):A professional chef and is good at just about everything. He's always up for a good time and makes the best out of every situation.

Contact Details: Meredith Imbimbo, Richard Drenkhahn Jr, Jason Spencer The Weekenders
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(Union & Non-Union)

Boston based indie folk band Air Traffic Controller is looking for actors for their new music video for their single "The House" (
Directed by Michael Parks Randa (
MOTHER: Caucasian, female. 40-60 Must be very outgoing and eccentric. Must be able to dance
FATHER: Caucasian male. 40-60. Fun, goofy, able to dance even if terribly.
TEACHER: Male. 40-70. Out going but also ability to be stern.

Contact Details: Michael Parks Randa Air Traffic Controller Website
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Seeking Actor for One-day Corporate Video Shoot

(Non-Union Only)

Announcing casting call on Monday, January 26 from 2 PM to 5 PM for a corporate video tentatively shooting Tuesday, February 3. We are seeking actors in an age range from late 30’s to early 50’s to play the owner of a pizza shop for a one-day shoot. Mediterranean or ethnically ambiguous look is preferred. Please email with headshot and resume to schedule an audition spot. Rate will be $300 for the role.

Contact Details: Newfangled Studios Website


(Union & Non-Union)

Looking for a charismatic CHEF for an interview for a documentary project. Will provide footage for reel. Ideally we're interested in shooting the chef in their occupation if possible.

Contact Details:

Soap Opera style Web Series is looking for a male African American actor to fill a role

(Non-Union Only)

"Beyond The Elaborate Glance", a Soap Opera webseries needs to replace an actor who is no longer available for Season 2.
We are looking for an African American male actor, who must look 26-35 and must have acting experience(theatre background preferred)to fill the role of James Primrose.
James is a lawyer, husband, and father of three. He has recently experienced some very stressful family situations and is questioning his marriage.
Wednesday February 4th
from 6:00-10:00 pm (by appointment only)
87 Main Street, N. Reading

Contact Details: Amy Lafeaux Productions
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Male Actor Casting

(Non-Union Only)

Male Talent
Age: 17-25
Role: Student
Project: Web Series (Young Adult Drama)
Date: 1/25 and possibly additional
Audition: TBD
Location: Barnstable MA
Please submit headshot

Contact Details: