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Cast, Crew and other Jobs & Volunteer Positions

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Here you'll find added film jobs and work in the television industry. For the most part, the jobs listed here include work in the New England area including Boston, Providence, etc.

NOTE: The listings on are posted directly by users without inspection or review by our staff. does not endorse the ads and is not responsible for the accuracy of these listings. For more information, view our Terms of Service.

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(Union & Non-Union)

PINSKY, a film about a female first-generation Russian stand-up comedian in Boston, is looking for an experienced and passionate line producer. The position would start in December. Production starts April 1 and goes for 20 days.
We are looking for someone with the following:
-Boston area native/strong knowledge of the area
-At least one project of experience as line producer
-Experience with LLC/SAG and other paperwork.
-VERY organized and detail oriented.
-Leader-type (type A welcome)
-Passionate about material
-Strong communication skills
-Strong writing skills

Contact Details: Rebecca Karpovsky West End Productions Website
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Need actors for a short film shoot in Worcester, MA

(Union & Non-Union)

Need Actors for a short film shoot in Worcester, MA
Roles looking to fill
Male lead: Ages 20-30 (must have a scruffy look)
Female 2: Ages 20-30
Male 2: Ages 20-30
Male 3: Ages 20-30
Filming will take place outdoors in Worcester, MA on Dec.6th during the day. Warm drinks will be provided alongside meals and water. There will be no pay but credits will be given. The film is being made for film festival submissions. This will be a one day shoot 6-7 hours max. If you're interested please send resume and a photo.

Contact Details: Sam

CASTING CALL- NewTV's Emmy® Award-winning "The Folklorist"

(Non-Union Only)

NewTV's Emmy® Award-winning original program, "The Folklorist" is currently seeking talent for the upcoming segment "Deborah Sampson". Actors must provide their own transportation to the shoot at the NewTV Studios located at 23 Needham Street, Newton MA 02461. Public transportation is available via the Green D Line "Newton Highlands" stop. All roles are non-speaking, non-union, and unpaid. Actors will receive meals during the shoot, as well as IMDb credit and a DVD copy of the program upon its completion. Please email with your headshot and resume.

Contact Details: 617-965-7200 Website
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Casting Call! - Yale Senior Student Film

(Union & Non-Union)

Director: Patrice Bowman
Audition Location: New Haven, CT/Online
Shooting Location: New Haven, CT
Compensation: Meals/lodging provided, transportation reimbursed
Auditions: Late November–Late December
Call Backs: Late December
Shooting Starts: Late January
Shooting Ends: Late March
Synopsis: A religious woman experiences a severe crisis of faith when her mother, who’s in denial about her dementia, becomes a danger to herself.
Jacqueline “Jackie” Feng
Chinese American*(30s)

Contact Details: Patrice Bowman Yale University (614) 507 - 2580 Website
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Looking for actor/actress to shoot short film

(Union & Non-Union)

Looking for an actor or actress to play a therapist/doctor in a scene for an independent short film. The scene will be shot on the Harvard University campus, preferably this week.

Contact Details: Ben Chabanon 6178212065

Scouting for short film, African American female age 10-15

(Non-Union Only)

Looking for young actress to play lead character's niece in an undergraduate, Emerson film. In this "drama-with-a-twist," a man's love for his unconventional wife leaves his family concerned.
Please contact for script and/or audition details at While unpaid, a great opportunity for reel content and will be a small, fun set! Shooting the weekend of Jan 17-18, will only need actress for one of these two days.

Contact Details: Elise Ahrens Emerson College

Extra Needed For this Saturday For BIG YOUTUBE Advert

(Non-Union Only)

We Are shooting an "Office Scene" This saturday in Quincy!
This Scene is consisting of a Main Character like a Miranda Priestly - Meryl Sreep Devils Wears Prada Boss lady! Walking into her office and talking to the camera ..
We are looking for the following-
Geeky but pretty P.A to fuss around her- talking about he appointments as she walks to a meeting.
A Geeky Guy with Coffee
2 business people to be waiting in th office in suits.
And a Big security Guy.
Please send head shots for all positions and full length pictures for Geek PA And Security Guy.

Contact Details: Nina
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CCTV Freelance Media Instructor

(Non-Union Only)

Cambridge Community Television seeks freelance instructors to teach courses in all aspects of media production.
We are currently seeking instructors to teach basic field camera classes, studio classes, production project based classes, videography, screen-writing, dslr photography, basic computer programming and social media courses. We need instructors to teach beginning – advanced level courses. We are very open to proposals for new courses and encourage applicants to submit ideas.
We are also looking for instructors to teach gaming using a software like Gamestar Mechanic.

Contact Details: Allison Cambridge Community Television 617-661-6900 Website
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Male and Female Actors needed for RISD SHORT FILM "Newport Manner"

(Union & Non-Union)

Casting for RISD Student Thesis short film. Shoots Winter 2015 in Newport and Providence.
Looking to cast three roles:
Caroline: an elegant woman (Lead, ages 40-65)
Emile: a charming young man (Lead, ages 20-30)
Butler: a dignified butler (Supporting, ages 60-75)
Synopsis: Caroline lives a reclusive life at her Newport mansion until she invites cafe attendant Emile into her world. The pair forms a friendship and charming eccentricities are revealed, changing them for the better.

Contact Details: Joseph
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Sound and Music for 50 minute documentary

(Union & Non-Union)

Need for experienced sound mixer and music supervisor for independent documentary. Film locks Dec 23, would like sound and music completed within a week-10 days after that which means working between Christmas & New Years. If you have experience and are up for the challenge of a time crunch, contact with a cover letter, resume, and link to a reel or demo.

Contact Details: Catherine The Lipedema Project 617-721-9463 Website

Seeking Two Male Actors (early twenties) for Short Student Film (Comedy)

(Union & Non-Union)

I'm looking to cast two actors, males in their early twenties or at least look in their early twenties, for a short student film. It is a comedy and dialogue heavy. The project is tentatively scheduled to film on December 1st in the evening in Brookline MA. Unpaid work but you can have a copy for your reel. Please email me for more details. Video submissions welcome.

Contact Details: Amber

Casting for Welcome to Grandpaville: Magic Carpet Misfits Mini-Movie

(Non-Union Only)

Bluewater East Entertainment is seeking actors for the new original Welcome to Grandpaville movie web-short "Magic Carpet Misfits", filming in early March 2015 in Connecticut & New Hampshire. CAMERON, 18-20: Athletic, ski instructor; Looks like a rich boy but doesn't act spoiled; He's well liked, laid back; Girls go crazy over him. HARRY, 18-20: Nickname "Cro-Mag"; He's a physical mess with a unibrow, and a daredevil personality; A ski instructor who snowboards like a pro; Cameron's best friend since childhood.

Contact Details: Bluewater East Casting Team Bluewater East Entertainment/Welcome to Grandpaville Website
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(Non-Union Only)

FEMALE "NURSE" 30s-40s DAY PLAYER ROLE IN SHORT FILM: Casting for role of "NURSE" in psychological drama short film. This character and scene will provide somewhat of a "comedy relief" in an otherwise serious scene, lightening the mood for a moment. Nurse is energetic, care free, friendly, maybe a little sarcastic. Improv experience a plus. Great opportunity to build your resume and work with some talented cast and crew. You have to be available DECEMBER 14th, scene will take no more than an hour or two. Shooting on Seacoast NH. Copy, credit, meals. Accepting submissions immediately.

Contact Details: Christine Hunt 603-341-2600 Website
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Polished DJs with own sound and music West of Boston

(Non-Union Only)

Hi everyone: Male or female DJs (3yrs. min exp.) ) who are personable, and very presentable appearance-wise, who are knowledgeable about their music, know how to read the crowd and have the talent to engage the guests. It could be s corporate party, a wedding, a bar gig. Knowing what you are best at, whether 1 or all 3 is great. These are freelance gigs. Must have own music (a wide range Classic to Current) and top level sound equipment. Karaoke is a plus. Age range: 24-45. Although it's a must you live in or near the Metrowest area, gigs can reach out to the greater boston area.

Contact Details: Craig Sutton Craig Sutton Entertainment
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Casting Call for "Brick House - the web series"

(Union & Non-Union)

SAG (Non-Union welcome)
Auditions Sunday, December 14th, 2014
4:00- 7:00 PM
Florence, MA (Address TBA)
* Rehearsals January 2015
* Shooting January-March 2015, Northampton, MA
Compensation: Meals and Credit (SAG minimum for SAG members - deferred)
(Musical Comedy) - The hero’s journey with a twist: the continuing stories of people struggling with porn addiction.
(Note: all parts sing!)
SCOTT - Male, 25-35, Asian. Looks fine on the outside, but his life is going nowhere. Shy around women. Trying to figure out if he wants to quit porn.

Contact Details: Ben Fraser Moondoggy Pictures Website
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CASTING Men, Women, Children - A Short Film About A Father Who Takes The Shotgun Approach To Killing His Son's Creativity

(Non-Union Only)

**For everyone still interested in auditioning for MAVERICKS, we have already hosted the live auditions and we are now only accepting audition tapes until Monday, November 24th.**
MEN (30-60)
-PUDDLES (lead) - a lonely, sad mime faced with rejection. (30-55)
-MILLER'S FATHER - an insane, ignorant southerner with a temper. (45-60)
-PUDDLES' FATHER - an unforgiving, irrational father (also with a temper). (40-60)
WOMEN (40-55)
-PUDDLES' MOTHER - a protective, loving mother that gets fed up with her irrational husband. (40-55)

Contact Details:
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Extras Needed for student film at University of Rhode Island

(Union & Non-Union)

Extras needed for shooting a short scene for a student film on Saturday, November 22 at Edwards Auditorium on the University of Rhode Island Kingston campus.
It is unpaid, but extras will only be required to be present from 4:30 PM to 5:30 PM.

Contact Details: Aiden Ettlinger (301) 452-1571

The End

(Non-Union Only)

Award winning film team Zone 7 Films currently seeking CREW. Currently non-paid. But will recieve IMDB credit and copy of the final project. Food will be provided. Slated for late january in the NH/Mass area.

Contact Details: Bradley Grenon Zone 7 Films

Dance Partay Extras needed

(Non-Union Only)

I need a lot of extras for a circus party scene for a RISD student film! No pay - but pizza is provided. It will be super fun- and there will be a bunch of circus performers.
226 benefit St at 5 PM this sunday, November 23rd.
Please email if you can make it!

Contact Details: Marissa Goldman

11/22 - Ages 18+, M/F - Detective Background Needed

(Non-Union Only)

We need a few background to play detective roles in the web series "Family Problems." We need actors ages 18+ M/F on SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 22 (TOMORROW) from 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM in Plymouth, MA. (If you have done Family Problems background before, this is 2044.) NON-UNION ONLY. UNPAID. Please send head shot and resume to e-mail when submitting. Thank You.

Contact Details: AP Background Angelwood Pictures Website

Call for male talent mid 20s to early 40s for student shot film Greenhouse

(Non-Union Only)

I am a MFA graduate student in Emerson College. I am looking for an actor for my short film “Greenhouse”. This is a story about looking for hope. A man is looking for organic plants and animals in a futuristic world. He discovers a greenhouse and meets a woman who works there.
We are looking for an actor:
Deckard: Male. Mid 20s to early 40s. Veteran/ Private Detective. He looks cold but is compassionate.
There will be a driving scene so the actor has to be comfortable with driving at a highway (MASS.Pike in Boston).

Contact Details: Li Wang
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Seeking a DP for a music documentary to be shot in '15

(Non-Union Only)

Producer with credits on network, cable, and digital outlets is looking for a talented, up-and-coming DP for an independent documentary focusing on the music industry. DP must have some video or film credits.
Ideally this would be a Boston-based DP looking to build their resume and work on a project geared for broadcast or digital distribution. DP must have an artistic eye, take changes with their shots, look for the artful shot not the run-and-gun. Creativity is key, and someone who loves indie projects as much as we do.

Contact Details: Human Resources Studio 16 Productions
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Executive Producer Wanted for Short Film

(Union & Non-Union)

Offering - Investment returns, IMDb credit as Executive Producer, Producing privileges including creative input on the film.
An opportunity to be a part of a short film with award-winning directors and cinematographers and some of the crew from The Incredibles, Pursuit of Happiness, Monsters Inc. and Fast & Furious 6.
Get to work on set with this incredible crew and a talented cast to put together a powerful short film that will be going to festivals and short-distribution sites (which is how we will generate returns & prize money).

Contact Details:
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Actors Needed For Short Student Film in Boston

(Union & Non-Union)

Auditions for Film will be held Friday November 21st from 5 - 6:30 PM
E-mail or call for location if interested.
Film Synopsis: A scientist tries to fix the economy by creating a drug that will addict the country to money meanwhile his son tends to a plant that he hopes will grow in time for show and tell.
Actors needed for the following roles:
Tom: 30s, scientist that believes there’s an answer for every question and a solution to every problem.
Max: 10-year-old kid that has immense faith in the impossible

Contact Details: Amber Robinson
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Female Co-Star Needed

(Union & Non-Union)

Actress search for pilot television series shooting in Boston. 'Haley' is in her 20's, sarcastic, indifferent to the world, sometimes has a bit of a foul mouth, she's always funny she's in good shape and gets into a lot of trouble.
The actress playing her will have to be able to carry action, comedy and sarcastic indifference to other peoples pain. :)
Please send submissions that include pictures, brief bio, how awesome you are, any reel and relevant information to Anna at...

Contact Details: Anna

SEEKING 40s-60s Older White Male For Music Video

(Non-Union Only)

Looking for an older white male in his early 40s - early 60s for a music video shoot this Sunday, November 23rd from 12pm-10pm in Boston. The role is of an agitated, ideological high school administrator running weekend detention (i.e. The Breakfast Club).
There is no pay, but actor will be compensated with lunch and dinner and will be properly credited. Video is for a Burger Records artist so video will be pushed by a high scale web promotion campaign on major music outlets.
Send resume and headshot if interested.

Contact Details: Mike Madden

Casting for Corporate Video

(Non-Union Only)

Casting for corporate medical video: Patient: female African American (age 70-75), Patient's daughter: female African American (age 40-45). Location: Braintree, MA. Must have availability in the next few weeks. Please send headshot and info and we will contact you with an audition date and time.

Contact Details: Dawna Sirard Axon Communications

Mass College of Art Film & Video Casting Call

(Union & Non-Union)

Mass College of Art Film & Video Department would like to invite you to an open casting session on Thursday November 20th from 3:30PM-7:00PM. We are looking for non-union and union actors of all age ranges and ethnicities interested in being part of Mass Art student productions taking place this semester and also the spring 2015 semester.
THURSDAY November 20, 2014
TIME: 3:30PM-7:00PM
Mass College of Art , 621 Huntington Ave, Boston, MA 02115
Tower Building Room 703

Contact Details: Jeff Silva Mass College of Art
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(Union & Non-Union)

A mother goes into a coma and her two daughters struggle with the idea of taking her off life support while also dealing with the technical aspects of their mother's financial and medical care. They explore with what they are living their lives for.
Elise (25 - 28)
A web programmer who's never thought to make a five year plan. Constantly abandoned by the people she felt closest to, she developed a cheerful exterior and a selfish nature.
Lida (26 - 29)

Contact Details: Lara Booth MassArt
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Seeking Actors & Crew

(Union & Non-Union)

Saturday, December 6, from 2:30-5pm at The Arlington Friends of the Drama (22 Academy St, Arlington, MA 02476). All auditions will consist of cold readings from relevant materials.
INFINITY (Feature Film)
Guy – 20-something. Boyish. Regularly indolent. Cordial and charming when needed but, in many ways, antisocial and awkward; wallflower. Video gamer. His appearance and dress are generally uninspired and tame.

Contact Details: Jason Fenton Visually Sound Pictures LLC 781-439-8324 Website
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