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Local Film Tweets

May 2001

Filmmaking on the Edge

By Alex Rapp
David Giancola behind the camera on an Edgewood Studios' production.
Edgewood Studios produces star-studded action flicks for TV and video in the unlikely town of Rutland, Vermont.

Advice for the Legally Deficient

By Peter Bohush
Mark Litwak's "Automated Contracts for the Film and Television Industry" is available at
Writer Peter Boshush shows you the quick and easy way to cover your butt with this tongue-in-cheek profile of Mark Litwak’s "Automated Contracts for the Film & Television Industry" legal software.

Premiere 6.0: The Long-Awaited Upgrade Arrives

By Peter Bohush
Adobe Premiere's latest version will please die-hard Premiere fans and may even win over some new converts.
With its new code, user interface, and integration capabilities, Premiere 6.0 is back in the starting line-up of inexpensive non-linear editing systems.

How to Be... An Actor

By Maureen Corrigan
Acting coach Dossy Peabody evokes passion in her students.
Ouch! You’ve been bitten by the acting bug. But, do you truly know if acting is the right career for you? This step-by-step guide and interview with acting coach Dossy Peabody shows you how to find out.

Video Experiments

By Tiffany Patrick
A still from Sarah Smiley's experimental work "Levels of Undo." continues its conversation about experimental film and video in New England with artist and teacher Sarah Smiley.

Technology as Art: A Visit to the Boston Cyberarts Festival

By Vikki Warner
Video artist Branda Miller will screen and discuss U & I dOt cOm at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute to screen and discuss.
Technology as art? Art that uses technology? You bet! Check out the innovative creations that make-up the Boston Cyberarts Festival.

Beyond Queer: Diversifying Boston's Gay and Lesbian Film Festival

By Emily Jansen
This year's festival features the world premiere of "All Over the Guy" at the "Men’s Opening Night Screening" on May 3.
Boston’s only film festival dedicated to queer films arrives at the MFA May 2-20, 2001 to feature a spectacular collection of films including local Sundance winner "Southern Comfort" and "Julie Johnson" starring Courtney Love and Lilli Taylor.

Industry News

By Allison Twomey and Matthew Evan Scher
John Marshall's "The Hunters" is being restored with funds awarded to Documentary Educational Resources.
A report of news & events in the local industry for May 2001.

The Vocal Cords are Alive!

By Lorre Fritchy
NOT A BAD HABIT The author (with cross) and her mother (in drapes and curtain rod) hit the stage for the costume parade portion
Come on, admit it -- you’ve always loved "The Sound of Music." Find out about the latest and greatest version that screened at the Coolidge Corner Theatre.

The Writer, the Novel, and the Filmmaker

By Chris Cooke
A still from "The Book That Wrote Itself."
A review of Liam O Mochain's "The Book that Wrote Itself"