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Local Film Tweets

February 2002

The Bunny is Back

By Kat Thomas
"We Sold Our Souls For Rock and Roll" will screen as part of the 2002 Boston Underground Film Festival.
The Boston Underground Film Festival returns for its fourth year, celebrating all that is odd, experimental and offensive in independent filmmaking.

Faith and Film

By Stephanie Scott
A still from "Trembling Before G-d."
Religion and movies merge in this year's Boston Faith and Film Festival.

Laundry, Languish and Love

By Chris CookeA Review of Jarret Liotta’s "How Clean Is My Laundry."

How to Be a... Producer

By Hillary E. Cutter
Director Richard Moos on the set of "Orphan." (Photo by Eric Levinson. © The Orphanage LLC)
Veteran NOVA and Frontline Producer Jon Palfreman and Independent Filmmaker Richard Moos offer advice on what it takes to be a film producer.

From Chaucer to "G-Spots?"

By Eric Aron
Denise Lute, as the Hag, carries the Native American Child in "G-spots."
Bagelfish Productions takes on the "Canterbury Tales" with this new short film.

N.E. Filmmakers Go for the Gold in Park City

By Allison Walton
A still from "Blue Vinyl."
Local filmmakers bring home awards (and little pieces of blue vinyl) from their films screening at this year’s Sundance, Slamdance, Slamdunk, and Tromadance Film Festivals.

Celebrating Directors

By Rebecca Prime
Richard Donner, director of 'Leathal Weapon," will receive this year's Joseph L. Mankiewicz Excellence in Filmmaking Award.
Connecticut's Director's View Film Festival honors independent, student, and Hollywood directors this month.

Like Father, Like Son

By Chris Cooke
A still from "Glissando."
A Review of Chip Hourihan’s "Glissando."

Industry News

By Allison Walton
"Kandahar" will screen as part of the Boston Faith and Film Festival this month.
A report of news & events in the local industry for February 2002.

The Red Right Hand

By Alex Rapp
Edmund Lyndeck stars as Cyress Hobbes in "The Red Right Hand."
It’s not only a Nick Cave song, it’s also the title for the new film by Corporate Sucker filmmakers, Kurt St. Thomas and Mike Gioscia.