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Boston Casting, Inc


Boston Casting, Inc is a full service casting company in business since 1991. They have over 12,000 actors on file both union and non union which gives them the ability to cast your every need, whether it be Feature Films, Commercials, Reality TV Shows, Industrials, Real People Casting, Voice-Overs, Theater and Print.
They offer all levels of Acting Classes and Seminars for adults, kids and teens, including Acting for Film, Acting for Commercials, Scene Study, Voice Over, Law and Dramatic Technique Workshops, Private Coaching for professional and retired athletes in media presentation, as well as training for business professionals in Public Speaking and Business Etiquette. Course information can be found on their web site

HBO: “The Sopranos” <br> Feature Films: “Moonlight Mile”, “Harvard Man”, “Legally Blond”, “Matchmaker”, “Renata of Wilbur Falls”, “Home Before Dark” , “Celtic Pride”, “The Next Karate Kid”. Reality TV Shows: “Fear Factor”, “Lost”, “The Runner”, “Elimidate”. Commercials: Adidas, AIG, American Cancer Society, Budweiser, Dunkin’ Donuts, Filene’s Basement, Fleet Bank, Ford, General Mills, Home Runs, H.Q., Konika, Marshalls, MasterCard, Merrill Lynch, Pizzeria Uno, Star Market, Verizon. Real People Commercials: AIG, Kraft Foods, Toyota, Walgreens. Industrial/Corporate Video: Bank of Boston, Cabletron, Cancer Medical, Farberware, Harley Davidson, Harvard Business School, Hewlett Packard, John Hancock, Mass Health Care, New York Life, Nextel, Reebok, Sharp Computers, T.J. Maxx. Voice Overs: Cigna, ESPN-2, Fleet, Harvard University, Lotus, PBS, Playstation 2, Spanish PSA Teens and Violence, T.J. Maxx, Tweeter.
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129 Braintree Street Suite 107
(617) 254-1001
(617) 254-3003
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Founder and Director
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