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Genie Montalvo Production


Actress, Writer, Producer, Director, Acting Coach, Casting Coordinator

GENIE MONTALVO, Montalvo is an actor, director, producer and author. She started her first company in Puerto Rico in 1980. As president and CEO of Palco Inc., she had the opportunity of working and overseeing all aspects of multi-media entertainment projects...which included Theater, Film, TV and Concerts. Her duties included script writing, promotions, public relations, human resources and artistic direction. For Genie 'Art is the heart of her culture'. She also starred in Melinda Lopez's “How Do You Spell Hope” with the Underground Railway Theater at the Kennedy Center and in the award winning “The Order of Things” in Boston. Her stage credits include Hamlet (the only puertorrican woman to undertake the characterization of the prince of Denmark) and Hecuba of the Troyan Women. She has also received critical acclaim for her Bernarda Alba by Federico Garcia Lorca performed in Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Boston. Among her film credits is Carlos Fuentes' La Cabeza de la Hidra, PBS' production of Destinos, and was the lead part of the film 'Diabetes' produced by UMASS, Boston. She has also appeared in multiple, Telemundo and Wapa TV daytime dramas including Tres Destinos, Pacto de Amor, Alejandra and Karina Montaner among others. Genie received the 'Best Actress of the Year Award' given by the Theater Critics Association of Puerto Rico for her lead role in 'El Lado Obscuro del Espejo' in 1993. As an accomplished producer, Genie presented the only public appearance of Ray Charles in Concert in Puerto Rico and casted and directed Ricky Martin as Jesus in The Passion and Death of Christ. Among her other credits, Genie was Extra Casting Coordinator for 'The Blue Diner'. An inspiring bilingual film, which won the best film award at the 2001 New England Film/Video Festival. Ms. Montalvo has just finished the first of a series of memoirs. The Memoir, 'Cruzar el Charco', is also being adapted into a screenplay. Genie has recently.been part of the 1st. Orlando Hispanic Film Festival as a panelist on. 'The Essence of Acting' .

Theatre Critics Best Actress Award 1994.

Alejandro Tapia's Best Theatre Production 1989

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(857) 205-3504
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