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2014 Online New England Film Festival

Until October 15, you can watch 42 local films that have screened in festivals across New England as part of's 6th Annual Online New England Film Festival.

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Alfred Thomas Catalfo


Screenwriting, Acting (SAG), Directing, Producing

Wrote, Produced and Directed THE NORMAN ROCKWELL CODE, a 35-minute, short film spoof of The Da Vinci Code which made Entertainment Weekly's The Must List ('Ten Things We Love This Week') and which had more than one million hits on its website in less than three months. Wrote the award-winning feature scripts MALL COP, AMERICAN FUGITIVE and CHARISMA (see below). Wrote, Produced and Directed the short film WAGES OF SIN. Featured role in the NBC television movie BET YOUR LIFE produced by Joel Silver (The Matrix). Trial attorney.

Winner or finalist in twenty-one major screenwriting competitions with three different feature scripts in three years.

Contact Information
P.O. Box 869
(603) 742-7558
(603) 742-3636
Primary Contact Person
Alfred Thomas
Screenwriter, Actor, Director, Producer