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RIFC Holiday Gala Black and White Party

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$100 for 6 - 8 pm, $10 for the after 8 party

You’re Invited!

The annual holiday party for the Rhode Island Film Collaborative will host filmmakers, producers, actors and fans of independent film from throughout the region this year on Saturday, December 6th at Kay Studios.

The theme of the event is a “Black and White” party. That means all participants are encouraged to wear either black or white clothing – or a mixture. The decorations will be Black and White too – so will the movies and the food.

The party’s in two parts this year. From 6 – 8 pm is our official fundraising event. Tickets are $100 per person or $150 for two, and are available through the rifc website at This part of the evening will feature shrimp cocktails, complimentary champagne, special guests and more.

That will be followed by an open admission holiday party from 8 pm onward (If you’d like to support the RIFC, a donation of $10 is suggested). A raffle, large-scale party games and live entertainment will round out the evening.

Confirmed guests for the “premiere” fundraiser event will include Steven Feinberg of the Rhode Island Film Office, Anne Mulhall of LDI Casting, Carol Patton of Imagine Magazine, Judges from the 2008 48 hour film project and many others.

We’re excited to have live performances highlighting the evening, including brief improvisational stylings from Love Thy Job’s “Bring Your Own Improv” group and an exhibition of mind-bending mentalism from Providence’s own Rory Raven, who will read your mind.

Musical entertainment through the night will be coordinated by Rick Lataille from WRIK Entertainment. Also, watch for silent appearances by classic black and white films of a holiday spirit. And, of course, be prepared to immerse yourself in lots of black and white décor.

It all happens at Kay Studios in East Providence, which has been kind enough to let us use their spacious production facility, including the state’s largest cyclorama (if you’ve never seen one painted white, it’s quite a weird sight).

Sponsors include Have Advice Will Travel, Kay Studios, Raymond Norman Cooks, WRIK Entertainment, High Output, SENE, Daylight Films, Perishable Theatre, The Stadium Theatre, Captain Mike’s Baywatch Tours, Laura Matthews (Script Analyst), Newport Vineyards, Blockbuster Video, Pinelli-Marra Group and Narragansett Beer. We also want to thank Marcus and Greg at Kay Studios for their generosity with the great space they have, Raymond Norman for making culinary magic possible, and Rick Lataille for the tune management.

Please forward this invite to anyone you think might enjoy the event.

Thank you for your help!

- Your friends at the RIFC

Saturday, December 6th
6 – 8 for premiere level party,
8 pm on for general admission

Kay Studios
66 Valley St.
East Providence, RI

What to wear:
You’re requested to wear something black and/or white (if you dress all in black and/or white, you’ll get an extra raffle ticket). There’s no other dress code.

Contact Person:
Posted Email:
Start Date: 
Saturday, December 6, 2008 6:00pm