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Tegan Lyons - Sassy Script Doctor | Editor Extraordinaire


Offering in-depth diagnosis, editing, formatting and rewriting services for scripts, screenplays and treatments. All your doctoring needs covered at competitive rates to optimize your work for US, UK and Australian markets.

12pt or BUST!
Script formatting getting in the way of your creative flow? Unsure of the exact difference between formats for different markets? I'll do the drudge work, you keep writing.

Four pages of notes on what works, what doesn't and why. A great kick-start for those stuck in redrafting limbo.

Complete Diagnosis
Extensive, gritty and sometimes painful, this is the most comprehensive operation available. Page by page, in-depth analysis exposing the beautiful and the ugly, the stagnant and the dramatic. I'll provide creative solutions for all problems. If required, I'll help you craft a logline, identify potential markets or competitions, and prepare for submission.

First Five Pages
Not sure where to go with your script, or not sure if I'm the doctor for you? I'll take a look at your first five pages and give you one page of feedback on style, genre, character, dialogue (if applicable), pace and market potential.

Complete Rewrite
For scripts in need of an overhaul. Together, we'll take your screenplay back to bare bones and develop it into something magical. Also available to studios, agents and producers.

My red pen is at the ready.

Years in Business: 
2-5 years
Contact Information
1/4 Mary Street
Outside U.S.
61 4 0151 2087
Primary Contact Person