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JP Lipa


Director of Photography, Cinematographer, Gaffer/Lighting Director, RED One owner/operator


THIS IS IT Michael Jackson documentary - Dir. Kenny Ortega APART Feature Film (RED) - Dir: Aaron Rottinghaus SEVEN SIGNS OF THE APOCALYPSE Documentary (History Channel) - Dir: Tim Prokop PRETTY UGLY PEOPLE Feature Film (35mm) - Dir: Tate Tyler ON THE SHOULDER OF GIANTS Documentary - Dir. Kareen Abdul Jabbar HALLETSVILLE Feature Film - Dir: Andrew Pozza JOHNNY APPLEWEED Feature Film (S16mm) - Dir: John Cotugno FOR SALE BY OWNER Feature Film (HD) - Dir: Pritesh Chheda EVERYTHING OR NOTHING Feature Film - Dir: Gary Chason THE NEIGHBORHOOD Feature Film - Dir: Mary Marchbanks THE QUIET Feature Film (2nd Unit) - DP: David Mullen CIRCLE OF TIME Feature Film - Dir: Veronica Caiceda MRS. STEVENSON HEARS THE MERMAIDS Feature Film - Dir: Linda Thornberg HALLETSVILLE Feature Film - Dir: Andrew Pozza XTRACURRICULAR Feature Film - Dir: Tim Cunningham COMMERCIALS (partial list) BMW, Apple, Lance Armstrong Foundation, Walmart, Southwest Airlines, Independent Health Care, Kaos Athletic, Miller Lite, McAllister’s Deli, Merry Maids, Backyard Restaurants Clean Coal, Underage Drinking PSA, Utah Transit Authority, Valmark Chevrolet, Peach Bowl, Texas Family Violence PSA, Water Conservation PSA Austin Film Festival, Pearl Harbor Museum Pinky’s Wireless, Brake Specialists MUSIC VIDEOS Matisyahu “Redemption Song” Michael Barfield "Take What I Got” Resume:
Years in Business: 
10-20 years
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