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A Guy Going Crazy

AKA (Other Title): 
Web Series
Production Company: 
What Boy Productions
When Felix, a comedian, gets the opportunity to make a web show that could start his career, he quickly learns the problem as his overbearing mother, drama queen girlfriend, stoner best friends, off-beat townies and plain bad slowly unravel his sanity.
Year of Release: 
Filming Locations: 
Director of Photography: 
Chris Lowens
Cresua Michelazzo/ Alex Pires
Rich Camp
Chris Esper
CASTING CALL- WEB SERIES-"A GUY GOING CRAZY" Casting at The Artists Exchange August 31st 12-4pm. Looking for: Quigley - 50 and up - scruffy chain smoking manual laborer Cob - 40s black hearted business man with a sarcastic wit EFFENDI, RESTAURANT OWNER - middle eastern / mediteranean DUDE OF COUPLE (E7) - any 20s dude, possibly stonery PROJECTIONIST - just rude middle aged guy FEMALE TRAVELER - middle aged woman, business lady PLANE ANNOUNCER - any female voice EMT - generic 30s just a few lines, anything really Auditions will be cold reads. Email me at to schedule a slot. Thank you !
Contact Person: 
Rich Camp