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2014 Online New England Film Festival

Until October 15, you can watch 42 local films that have screened in festivals across New England as part of's 6th Annual Online New England Film Festival.

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Local Film Tweets

A Guy Going Crazy

AKA (Other Title): 
Web Series
Production Company: 
What Boy Productions
When Felix, a comedian, gets the opportunity to make a web show that could start his career, he quickly learns the problem as his overbearing mother, drama queen girlfriend, stoner best friends, off-beat townies and plain bad slowly unravel his sanity.
Year of Release: 
Filming Locations: 
Director of Photography: 
Chris Lowens
Cresua Michelazzo/ Alex Pires
Rich Camp
Chris Esper
CASTING CALL- WEB SERIES-"A GUY GOING CRAZY" Casting at The Artists Exchange August 31st 12-4pm. Looking for: Quigley - 50 and up - scruffy chain smoking manual laborer Cob - 40s black hearted business man with a sarcastic wit EFFENDI, RESTAURANT OWNER - middle eastern / mediteranean DUDE OF COUPLE (E7) - any 20s dude, possibly stonery PROJECTIONIST - just rude middle aged guy FEMALE TRAVELER - middle aged woman, business lady PLANE ANNOUNCER - any female voice EMT - generic 30s just a few lines, anything really Auditions will be cold reads. Email me at to schedule a slot. Thank you !
Contact Person: 
Rich Camp