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About Rajah Samaroo

As a filmmaker and videographer, Rajah Samaroo has over eight years of experience working as a video maker. He was awarded the Spotlight Award in April of 2010 by the Rhode Island Artistic Collaborate for his cinematography and directing work. In addition to having his short films screened across the country, he edited a trailer for the documentary “Seeking Happily Ever After” that became a top rated trailer at the Sundance Film Festival, Producer Guild Labs, in 2008. Recently, his first feature as Director of Photography (produced by Bjort Productions) was selected out of 2600 entries to be part of the Boston International Film Festival on the 19th of April, 2011.

In his professional video work, Rajah has produced videos for Patron Tequila, AOL Fanhouse TV, grammy-nominated artist Blu Cantrell, the RI Dance Alliance, GSP Studios, Charlie's Playhouse, and many more. As a professional Videographer, his work has been used on Fox Business News, Cox Sports TV, MSNBC, and The Discovery Channel. He has worked extensively with Birdseye Sports, Runawaypen Productions, Real Cool TV, StudioNow, Axon Communications, and many local providers of videos to produce high quality video for online, DVD, in-house, and TV distribution. Recently, he helped produce some online videos for the recently elected Mayor of Pawtucket, Don Grebien, during his campaign.

As a professional freelancer, Rajah has established long lasting relationships with local and national media makers. He looks forward to opportunities to continue honing his craft as a Producer, Director of Photography, and storyteller. He respects the power of video but adheres to the subtleties of setting motion imagery to music to market in a way that is not only elegant but protects the integrity of its subject.


Director of Photography, Producer, and Director


Providence RI United States


Rajah Samaroo, Director of Photgraphy



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