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About Kerry Whalen

A Telepromtper Makes Your Shoot Smoother.

19 years of freelance Teleprompting experience in broadcast, sports, film, & commercials utilizing QTV, WinCue, Quick Prompt, Magic Scroll and others.

Examples of Work:
NBC’s Triple Crown
CBS Golf - Live From The Masters
Sunday Night Football
NBA on NBC & Stanley Cup Hockey
NBC Golf: the TPC and U.S. Open Championships
National Democratic Convention
National Sales Meetings and Conventions
Political campaigns, events and commercials
NBA Hall of Fame Inductions
Senator Kennedy, Kerry, Edwards, Brown
Vice Presidents Gore & Biden
Business meeting and stockholder presentations
NBC Pilot: The Oddyssey
Films: The Game Plan, The Makeover
Live Aid Concert


Teleprompter Operator


Boston MA United States



Prompter on Alexa.jpg

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