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About Stephanie Higgins

Filmmaker and multimedia production artist, Stephanie Higgins, released her breakout success documentary film, The Gay Marriage Thing in 2005. Higgins’ directorial debut received national distribution within mere months of its completion, and continues to screen in festivals across the country. The film is also available to non-profit organizations, educators and home audiences alike through The Cinema Guild in New York City.

Her roots in leading a digital broadcasting overhaul at the University of New Hampshire television network fueled her desire to advance to filmmaking at Emerson College, where her short film Drive Thru Love won the 2000 EVVY award. The coveted EVVY competition is judged by some of the most prominent industry professionals, and established Higgins as an artist to watch. She has continued this storytelling tradition while working with cutting edge technology ever since.

In addition to crafting this timely documentary, Higgins has excelled as a media specialist covering video, writing, DVD authoring, and web programming at state-of-the-art production houses whose clients include multi-million dollar companies such as Tyco, Inc. and Bose Corporation.

Energized by the success of The Gay Marriage Thing, Higgins eagerly reteamed with writer/director Lorre Fritchy to tackle the role of Executive Producer on Fritchy’s feature film debut Millies. While the film is not the first project to benefit from the dynamic partnership of Higgins and Fritchy, Millies will be the first feature film made with the duo’s synergistic filmmaking philosophy.


Video Editor/Media Production


Belmont MA United States


Film, Martial Arts, Books, History, Great Stories


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