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Local Film Tweets

2014 Online New England Film Festival

Although the 2014 Online New England Film Festival has officially closed, you can still watch many of the invited films online now and you can see the full list of films below.

Technology Trends: Talamas staff members talk about what’s trending in digital production equipment

By Casey Stirling
The Arri Amira digital cinema camera

Every year, digital production technology improves, and 2014 has been no exception. spoke with some of the staff at Talamas to find out what’s new in production technology and what’s coming next.

Documenting Life and Music: Filmmaker Matt Day's talks about his short film on The Books's Nick Zammuto

By Chelsea Smith
a still from "Shape of Things to Come"

With a 5D and some gear from Vermont Community Access Media, filmmaker Matt Day created the documentary gem Shape of Things to Come, which invites viewers into the life and music of music producer and front man of The Books, Nick Zammuto. Day discusses the process of making the film and how it changed his career, and readers can still watch this Jury Prize award-winner for Best Documentary online through the 2014 Online New England Film Festival.

'Leave No Trace': An Interview with Documentarian Cozette Russell

By Catherine Stewart
A still from "Sea Horse"

Fellow female film professionals discuss work, life, and more in this new series, Females in Film. For this installment, writer Catherine Stewart talks to Cozette Russell about capturing the relationship between people and the land they live on.

Kickstart New England: The Orson Welles Complex

By Casey Stirling
1974 exterior of the Orson Welles Complex

A devastating fire in 1986 left the film landmark, the Orson Welles Complex in Cambridge, Mass shuttered, but its mark on film history had already been made. Now filmmaker Garen Daly is working on a film to chronicle the history of the theatre. Read more about it in this month's Kickstart New England series. To be considered for the series, email

Author Anita Diamant Brings Back "Hester Street"

By Christine Galeone
Hester Street

Bestselling author Anita Diamant will present the classic film Hester Street at the Boston Jewish Film Festival. In an interview, she discusses why she chose the film for the festival’s Favorite Films from the Famous series.

Industry News: November 2014

By Casey Stirling
Recent award winners, upcoming festivals, and recent shoots. Find out about more happenings, opportunities and industry buzz in our monthly industry news. Report news to

Talking with Actress, Director and Writer Marie-Emmanuelle Hartness

By Josh Coleman
Marie-Emmanuelle Hartness

As an actress, writer and director, Marie-Emmanuelle Hartness has immersed herself in all aspects of filmmaking, even bridging both documentary and narrative projects. Her most recent short film After Ella screened at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival and won the First Prize Directorial Discovery Award at The Rhode Island International Film Festival this summer. Her third film Writer's Block won the Berlinale Canon Competition at the Berlin Film Festival and is being produced by Canon.

An Interview with Documentarian Michaela O’Brien

By Catherine Stewart
Michaela O’Brien

Fellow female filmmakers discuss work, life, and more in this new series, Females in Film. For this installment, writer Catherine Stewart talks to Michaela O’Brien about sharing real stories with the world and her film Far from C3, which is currently screening as part of the Online New England Film Festival,

An Interview with Filmmaker Guy Benoit about "Guitar #1711"

Still from "Guitar #1711"

Music and film have long been paired (even during the silent film era). But Rhode Island filmmaker Guy Benoit finds a new way of examining music through film with his short documentary Guitar #1711, which follows Rhode Island based, custom guitar maker Otto D'Ambrosio through a year long process of building one guitar. You can also watch the film online as part of the 2014 Online New England Film Festival.

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