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Local Film Tweets


11/22 - Ages 18+, M/F - Detective Background Needed

(Non-Union Only)

We need a few background to play detective roles in the web series "Family Problems." We need actors ages 18+ M/F on SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 22 (TOMORROW) from 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM in Plymouth, MA. (If you have done Family Problems background before, this is 2044.) NON-UNION ONLY. UNPAID. Please send head shot and resume to e-mail when submitting. Thank You.

Contact Details: AP Background Angelwood Pictures Website

Executive Producer Wanted for Short Film

(Union & Non-Union)

Offering - Investment returns, IMDb credit as Executive Producer, Producing privileges including creative input on the film.
An opportunity to be a part of a short film with award-winning directors and cinematographers and some of the crew from The Incredibles, Pursuit of Happiness, Monsters Inc. and Fast & Furious 6.
Get to work on set with this incredible crew and a talented cast to put together a powerful short film that will be going to festivals and short-distribution sites (which is how we will generate returns & prize money).

Contact Details:
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Casting Athletic Fitness Males

(Union & Non-Union)

Casting athletic males to bring class and elegance to our "Courteous Erotica" collection. Our videos are for the female viewer to enjoy. Themes include our girls giving men massages and kissing, where the camera focuses heavily on the males body, and males face reaction. Males must look into the camera while they interact with our girls. A female co-host is often used to show off the males features and physique. You will be expected to treat the women as a lady, and film the scene for the female audiences perspective.

Contact Details: Lin
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Sunset Ridge Hooligans

(Union & Non-Union)

I'd like to submit my feature-length screenplay, Sunset Ridge Hooligans, a gritty, coming of age drama that includes dark humor. It’s about a group of childhood friends who, through the death of one of their own, are reunited as adults back in their hometown of Sunset Ridge. It plays strongly into the themes of friendship, redemption, and revenge. The script is completed and registered with The Writers Guild Of America.

Contact Details: Luke Nicholas Wisniewski Hydravideo 860 334 3529
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Call For Entries: Screening Program - Boston Indie Mafia Hobnob & Social on 1/17/15

(Union & Non-Union)

Boston Indie Mafia is accepting submissions of any genre up to 20 minutes in length (short & long form excerpts, works in progress) for our 1 hour screening program at our Hobnob & Social on 1/17.
Submission Criteria
• Filmmakers should live within a 50-mile radius of Boston or down The Cape.
• Films must have been completed after December 2011.
• All films selected to screen MUST have a representative present at The Hobnob.
Submission deadline for this event is Sunday, December 7th at 11:59 pm.
Please visit for more information or to submit your film

Contact Details: JP Bouvier Boston Indie Mafia Website
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Interesting People with Great Style

(Union & Non-Union)

I'm working on a new stills + video portraiture project and I'm looking for interesting people with great style.
To get in touch and see my work visit:

Contact Details: Henrique Plantikow Website

Win $100 in credit to Music Box Licensing

(Union & Non-Union)

We are a New England based creative music agency dedicated to crafting your dream soundtrack. For more info...…/app_512541485429310

Contact Details: Will Bangs Music Box Licensing 207-286-4834 Website

Casting 2 actors for Music video shoot

(Non-Union Only)

November 22, 2014 one day shoot.
New Haven, CT
In search of a female actress and a male actor to play an interracial couple for a music video shoot.
The female can be Asian/White/Hispanic and the male can be the same.
The video consists of different interracial couples.
No nudity/No kissing/Nothing sexual will be required.

Contact Details: Ali Robins
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Corporate Video: Male (looks age 40 or Above), Pay $150

(Union Only)

For THIS Monday.
Hi Everyone!
We have a client producing a corporate video and they are looking for a male, looks age 40 or above.
Role Description: Corporate Look
Pay: $150. Appx. one hour. Eight lines of script.
Shoot Day: THIS Monday, November 10th.
Location: Brighton
Please send info and photo soon.

Contact Details: Leo Anthony abmg Website

REVISED CASTING: Caucasian and Asian Actors (ages 35-40) for Web Commercials, Pay $150.

(Non-Union Only)

We have a client producing four web commercials. They are looking for non-union actors, male and female (look ages 35-40), who will portray the following roles:
Portray Married Couples
Husbands: Caucasian
Wives: Caucasian or Asian
This production is to promote a lingerie brand. The videos will be tastefully done; focused on the product. Nothing graphic or too sexual.
For Example: Husband does something wrong or forgets an anniversary...time to buy a gift!
Pay $150 per talent.
Appx 1/2 day.
Shoot Location: Boston area
Dates: TBD, may be flexible.

Contact Details: Leo Anthony ABMG Website
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San Francisco

(Union & Non-Union)

My name is TJ Barber, and I'm a senior at Harvard College looking for actors for a short film. The script is based on a short story by Amy Hempel about a family of two girls and their father dealing with the death of their mother. The two girls are around 7 and 10, and the father is in his forties. The final character is the psychiatrist, in his forties or fifties. The commitment would be one full day shoot on the weekend of November 15th, with the exception of the psychiatrist who would not be there the full day.

Contact Details: TJ Barber Harvard University 9254512748 Website
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Caucasian and Asian Actors (ages 35-40) for Web Commercials, Pay $150.

(Non-Union Only)

Hi Everyone!
We have a client producing four web commercials. They are looking for non-union actors, male and female (look ages 35-40), who will portray the following roles:
Portray Married Couples
Husbands: Caucasian
Wives: Caucasian or Asian
This production is to promote a lingerie brand. The videos will be tastefully done.
Pay $150 per talent.
Appx 1/2 day.
Shoot Location & Day: TBD.
Detailed info will be provided accordingly.
Please send info, head-shot and full body shot.

Contact Details: Leo abmg Website

Short film "PhotograKILL" Casting Call

(Non-Union Only)

PhotograKILL, a short drama/thriller film about an amateur photographer TURNER who was experimenting photography and practicing the art of truly capturing a photo. When he is then approached by a stunning model actress AUBREY. First impression of AUBREY, she's nice, beautiful, has this innocent angelic glow to her. Haunted by past events and experiences, AUBREY feels cheated and use and blames people she has encountered along her journey for her failure to not be this big star. AUBREY is out for revenge for people who share the same traits as the ones who has cheated her.

Contact Details: Please submit Headshot as well as a 1-2 minute video audition to the email provided below. On subject line write PhotograKILL Casting. AJV FILMS
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Corporate Video, Male & Female (age 40s and above) All Nationalities, Pay $150

(Non-Union Only)

We have a client producing a corporate video and they are looking for a male and female (all nationalities) who look like corporate executives, age 40s and above.
The video will be in English, but talent must have a natural foreign accent, of any origin.
Pay: $150. Appx. four lines of dialogue.
Shoot Day: TBD either
Thursday, November 6th or
Friday, November 7th.
This will be during the day.
Please send info and photo soon...

Contact Details: Leo Anthony abmg Website

Seeking DP with Equipment for short Christmas Comedy

(Non-Union Only)

Seeking a CT based DP for a fun, 4 page comedic script to be edited in time for the Christmas season. 1 location, 1 day. This project is unpaid, but those who submit will be considered for future paid projects.
Project will shoot in the Greater Hartford area, on one of the following dates, depending mostly on your schedule: November 29th, 30th, December 6th or 7th.
Please send your info to

Contact Details: Casey McDougal Purple Kitty Productions, LLC 347-504-1263 Website

Boston Open Screen Tuesday Night Nov. 18th Coolidge Theatre (Coolidge Corner)

(Union & Non-Union)

Bring any piece that's under 10 minutes and we'll screen it! ANYTHING!!!
Come to the Coolidge Corner Theatre in Brookline, MA (Off the Green Line) for 7pm to sign up and we'll get to watching at around 7:30. You can also check us out on FB: There's a chance it might sell out because it's open to the public therefore get there at 7pm or perhaps even a little bit earlier.
You can check it out here at the Coolidge Corner Website too:
Please spread the word on Facebook by liking us and also linking the event page:

Contact Details: Phil Healy Boston Open Screen Website
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Seeking actors for Doritos commerical

(Non-Union Only)

Seeking 1 male and 1 female actor for an 1 evening shoot Tuesday, October 28 at 6:30pm in Thomaston, CT for the Crash the Superbowl Doritos commercial competition.
Male actor: Caucasian, 20 - 29 years of age, slim to muscular build, any height, speaking role
Female actor: Caucasian, 20 - 29 years of age, any body type, any height, non speaking role
No pay but credit and possible worldwide exposure
The shoot is estimated to be no longer than 2 hours. It may be extended a little.
Send headshot, resume, reel to be considered
Put "Doritos" in the subject line.

Contact Details: Rashad Frett

Producer Needed for New Medium/Paranormal Show

(Non-Union Only)

I am looking for a producer to work on a web/network series. The pilot is done and I'm looking to bring some more people into the project. This position is currently unpaid. I'm looking for someone who wants to get in on the ground floor. If you have experience or interest in this subject matter please contact me, include relevant experience.

Contact Details:

Casting two roles for 9Realms (Medieval Fantasy series)

(Union & Non-Union)

We are casting two primary roles for our next two episodes, which will be shot before the end of the year. Please include a headshot and link to a demo reel if available.Currently, these roles are NOT paying. Food and footage for your reel are provided. This is for union & non union. If interested in any of these roles, or you know of anyone that may be, please email us at Thank you for your time!

Contact Details: Ty Yachaina Quit Your Dayjob Productions Website
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27" iMac with FCP 7 and Adobe AE

(Union & Non-Union)

27" iMac
Quadcore 2.93 i7
8 Gig Ram
ATI Radeon HD 5750 graphics card
Bella Professional series 3.0 keyboard
Fully licensed Adobe AE CS5
MS Office 2008
Asking 2000.00 OR BEST OFFER!
Have pics if interested!

Contact Details: Chris 8608846015

Casting Actress 18-25

(Union & Non-Union)

Casting for a 18-25 year old female for my short film "Forest of the Dolls". Production will be on November 1st in Northborough/Marlborough, MA. This role will only require you to be on set for 1-2 hours. This is a PAID role and is non-speaking (silent film). Email me at if interested.

Contact Details: Jason Whittier

Need Female for Dorito's Superbowl Commercial Contest - Blonde or Red hair

(Non-Union Only)

We are still looking to cast one more role for our Dorito's contest commercial. We need one female, early to mid twenties, blonde or read hair. The shoot is on Nov 2.

Contact Details:

10/25 - Background M/F Slender, Athletic, Medium looks Ages 17-35

(Non-Union Only)

Background needed on SATURDAY, OCTOBER 25th in BARRINGTON, RHODE ISLAND to play military cadets to be trained in a flashback scene in Family Problems. Needed 8:30 AM - 11:00 AM. Ages 18-35, M/F, Slender/Athletic/Medium build. Must be able to move and do physical activity. UNPAID. NON-UNION ONLY. Directed with they CPG Training Group. Send headshot and resume. Please include "Background 10/25" in the subject line.

Contact Details: AP Casting 10/25 Angelwood Pictures Website

10/22 - Background: M/F Ages 18+ Cult Members (evening)

(Non-Union Only)

Seeking background to play masked cult members in Family Problems on Wednesday, October 22nd in MARSHFIELD, MA. Males/Female, any types, ages 18+. Needed from 4:30 PM - 8:00 PM. UNPAID. NON-UNION Only. Please send headshot and resume to e-mail provided below. Please specify in the subject line: "10/22 Background".

Contact Details: FP Casting 10/22 Angelwood Pictures Website

Distributors are looking for films Now!

(Union & Non-Union)

Distributors are looking for quality films for Digital Distribution Deals Worldwide. Contact Distribution Rep
Kevin DiBacco or visit our site for more Information.
Horror Films Wanted the most, But ALL genre's needed!

Contact Details: Kevin DiBacco Website

Crew Call

(Union & Non-Union)

Burning Torch Productions is shooting a short film on November 1st in Northborough/Marlborough, MA. It will be a one-day shoot (7am to 7pm). We are in need of a few more crew members. Each position is unpaid (however, we will give you $25 for gas money). Obviously, food and drinks will be provided and credit on the film. We will also be shooting another short (2-3 day shoot) in December/January which is PAID, so we would like to have the same crew on both short films. The following positions are needed:
1st AC
Production Assistants

Contact Details: Jason Whittier Burning Torch Productions 7742679024
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Microbudget Horror/Comedy

(Non-Union Only)

Seeking the following things for a possible Spring 2015 shoot of a horror/comedy in CT...
1) DP - send reel, daily rates, and need to have equipment/camera. If have a partner (gaffer) send rates as well.
2) Sound Person - need to have equipment. Send daily rates.
3) House. We have a few options already but if you have a large home with character on acreage ( think haunted house) in the CT area - we'll take a look. Send pics, contact info and the daily rate. Much will be filmed at night.
4) Production Designer. Again daily rates.

Contact Details:
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Female models for photo series

(Non-Union Only)

Seeking female models for Women & Nature photo series.
A series showcasing beautiful women in beautiful dresses in the beautiful nature in CT.
You will receive 5 of the best photos.
Exposure will also be given.
If interested, email Ali putting "W&N" in the subject line.
Send headshot, photo of you in a beautiful dress that you would possibly wear for the shoot.

Contact Details: Ali Robins Website

NEEDED: female early to late 20s, to play femme fatale in a crime genre web series.

(Union & Non-Union)

Euphio Films immediate casting for web series!!
NEEDED: female early to late 20s, to play femme fatale in a crime genre web series.
Deferred payment
Euphio films is currently looking for actors and actresses of all forms to star in the upcoming film productions. If interested please send a resume, headshots, and any links you have to a reel or examples of your work to This reply. Or visit our website Currently we are looking for people from the New England area seeing how most of our productions are based in and around Connecticut.

Contact Details: Steve or Amanda Euphio films Website
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Short Film Seeks Eager Director

(Union & Non-Union)

Looking for eager newcomer looking to direct to help me make my first narrative short film. Pre-production for the project has already begun.
The Lameboy and the Fairy is a character-driven short drama about a parentified child who abandons abusive mother to become his own person.
Intended shooting dates: Early November. It is a 3 day schedule with the longest day 7 hours. This will occur over a long weekend, depending on the schedules of the actors and crew. I'm flexible.
Primary locations are:
1. Field & Woods- Derby, CT 06418
2. Apartment: Seymour, CT 06483

Contact Details: Christopher Frey 203-584-4977
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